Thursday, December 26, 2013


Dank an meinen guten Freund und Sim-MitAufrechterhalter ChapTer Kronfeld für den Stöckchenwurf (neben vielen weiteren dankwürdigen Aktionen), der immerhin Wahrgenommenwerden bedeutet. Aufgrunddessen wird dieses Spielergebnis hier veröffentlicht, auch wenn der Blog sonst eher ein Eventankündigungsblog ist.
Wieso Winter-? "Das Böse ist immer und überall ..." :).
Das könnte Zeit bedeuten, die für Feldforschung sinnvoll genutzt werden kann. Mehr als drei Tage faul herumliegen ist unerträglich.
Früher zu aktiv, heute Kampf mit den Spätfolgen.
Das ist ein öffentlicher Blog und das Thema geht niemanden etwas an.
Wenn Second Life dazu zählt, dann ja; sonst keine Suchtgefahr vorhanden.
Nach der Anschaffung eines E-Book-Readers verkleinern sie nicht mehr zentimeterweise den Wohnraum.
Vom Arzt empfohlen.
Kann zu einer persönlichen spirituell-meditativen Zeit gemacht werden, in der man ...
... eben diese mental bearbeitet.
War annehmbar.
Möge in mancher Hinsicht besser werden.
So, und das soll ich nun veröffentlichen?
Weitergereicht wird jeweils ein Stöckchen an

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Michael K. Iwoleit - Reading in English and FirleFanz Roxley - Cochlea

On next Sunday, 15th of December 2013, the sequence of SF-readings in the new MBK-library will be continued.
This time Michael K. Iwoleit, a multi-award-winning German SF-author, will read a short story in English language.
In his elegant and sophisticated style, the author focus on dystopic visions, end time imaginations, but never forgets a view on human relations and inner mental conditions. He is a master of short story and novella, his science elements are based on profound investigation and he is able to impress the reader with creating an atmospheric ambience starting from the first word.
This is not only entertainment - it is literature in the best sense of the term and no SF-aficionado or person interested in contemporary German dystopic literature should miss this event:
1pm SLT => .

After the reading there will be a vernissage for the next art exhibition in the MBK Gallery: FirleFanz Roxley presents 2D- and 3D-creations referring to the topic Cochlea.

Cordial invitation to celebrate this opening! .

Saturday, December 7, 2013

SkullArtContest Deadline Postponed

The deadline for contribution to the SkullArt-Contest at Space 4 Art has been postponed to the end of the year, 31st of December 2013.
Artists should have enough time to create a master piece and remember the function of the skull in art history as a symbol for volatileness and vanity.
We will accept newly created pieces only. Each prim should have been created recently and exclusively for the contest.

- max 5 prims
- max 5x5x5m
- cop/mod, no trans
- receiver: Asmita Duranjaya

1st place: 3000 LL
2nd place: 2000 LL
3rd place: 1000 LL

Good luck and merry Christmas

Asmita Duranjaya, ChapTer Kronfeld, Louly Loon, kjs Yip and Celestine Ghiardie (sponsors and jury)
Display-area: .

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Herzensgeheimnis - Secret of the Heart

In a cosy pre-Christmas atmosphere the Afghan poet Ahmad Zia Hadi will introduce his brand new love poems. The author will read live in his mother-tongue Dari, the visitors can visually follow the lyrics in German and English. The environment is an Afghan compound arranged by the artist Asmita Duranjaya as part of her sim installation with the title "Threatened". The compound symbolises safety and security, originating  from culture, art, music etc., whereas the surrounding shows an army of spiders threatening the country, as it is symbolically transferred still the recent situation for Afghanistan. The poetry reading will be interrupted by short music pieces played on virtual dutar and zirbaghali. Finally all can participate in dancing. The art installation will be removed after this event, so it is the last chance to see it and solve a puzzle on Afghanistan to get a gift. 6th of December 2013 1pm SLT =>Taxi: .

Sunday, November 24, 2013

KueperPunk Korhonen in the new MBK Library

KueperPunk, the initiator of the Festival of Love (in cooperation with Zauselina Rieko), a yearly culture festival in Second Life and the open grid Metropolis, is a German science fiction author and going to start a series of monthly science fiction readings in the new MBK Library, directly opposite to the MBK Art Gallery. Dew to the bi-lingual character of the MBK-sim, the readings will alternate: one month in German, the next month in English language. The first two readings have been organised by Asmita Duranjaya, the curator of the MBK Art Gallery, but from 2014, KueperPUnk himself will start to organise the monthly readings, which hopefully will become an attracting part of the MBK cultural life. MBK means Meisterbastler-Kreis and has been founded and created by Zewe Major. It consists of a wonderful, detailed alpine landscape of 7 assembled sims.
The event will start on 30th of Nov 2013 at 12 am SLT. .

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Asmita Duranjaya and ChapTer Kronfeld at Art'e Gallery

The two founders of Space 4 Art share the Art'e Gallery from 17th of Nov to 17th of Dec 2013. ChapTer Kronfeld presents a cross-section of his work in his unique style, making a flat 2D-picture a 3D-work by elevating single sections. ChapTer's style can be described as bizarre, whimsical and uniquely expressive.

Asmita Duranjaya shows a new collection of artistic experiments with forms, which can be parts of what is called a face. The FACES consist mainly of 3D-works showing several techniques like overlapping transparency, using sculpts and normal prims. the textures used are water-color-pictures made by the artist in RL.
Opening is on 17th of Nov at 2pm SLT in the Art'e Gallery.
Thanks for invitation and organisation to curator yvan Slade and owner Indigo Mertel.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Dystopia: Lilia Artis' and Moe Sandalwood's LEA Installation "The Machine"

"The Machine" is the title of Lilia Artis' and Moe Sandalwood's LEA full sim installation in November 2013. It shows four levels of development of a human society on the way to a kind of perfection, guaranteed by "The Machine". But this target is obsolete, because the "perfected" population has lost its memory of the past and exists in a status of forgetfulness without history. The question is, whether it is desirable to put the priority of technological perfection on top of the development of a society.

The four levels are highly artistically elaborated with stunning textures, not overacting animations and extremely sensitively used colours. Although the content is drastically dystopic, the artistic interpretation is pure enjoyment and carefully arranged, highly expressive art in the best sense.
It reminds in a certain way on German science fiction author Michael Iwoleit's awarded dystopic novel "Zur Feier meines Todes"(Celebrating my Death).
Not an easy to consume art event, but worthwhile and higly recommended! .

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Moths by Asmita in Art center Gualdo

Thanks to Sisi Biedermann's invitation Asmita Duranjaya took the chance to be guest artist of the month November 2013 in art center Gualdo showing a series of digitally processed moth pictures. They remind of ancient botanical engravings in a range from grungy to noble. Opposite to butterflies moths emanate an aura of nocturnal mysteries.

Friday, October 25, 2013

"Defective Photo Films" by Gitu Aura at Space 4 Art

Gitu Aura creates wonderful digitally layered pictures based on photos in Second Life. This time she has composed pictures, which look like excerpts of old film roles; their grungy style radiates an atmosphere of melancholic recollection. The mid-term-party in the TopGallery of Space 4 Art is on 27th at 1pm SLT. Cordial invitation! .

Friday, October 18, 2013

Today at Space 4 Art: Festival of Love 2013

The webpage: shows all events of the FdL today and the events run by Asmita Duranjaya at Space 4 Art start at 2pm SLT here: .

The 1st event is a small art exhibition with pictures of digitally processed Hybrid Flowers as a symbol for the cultural hybridisation starting with every process of migration.
The 2nd event is a reading of 9 poems of the author Ahmad Zia Hadi, who migrated from Afghanistan to Germany; poetry has become an importan cultural form for him to express his inner feelings and problems in the migration process. The poetry reading is interrupted by 3 traditional Afghan pieces of music, played on the traditional musical instruments Dutar and Zirbaghali. Asmita's art installation on her quarter of the sim symbolizes the recent situation of Afghanistan and there is a infotainment part with 8 questions concerning this topic and with the chance to win something after finding the correct solution. Cordial invitation!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Festival of Love will start tomorrow at Metropolis

At 20:30 MEZ or 11:30 am SLT the science fiction author Michael Iwoleit will read from his work at Asmita's art installation for the FdL 2013 in the open grid of Metropolis. The offical start of this yearly festival organised by Brennende Buchstaben, run by Kueperpunk Korhonen and Zauselina Rieko, is at 11:00 am and there will be 30-minute- events according to the public schedule: . The festival is a cooperation of all types of cultural forms of expression, literature, art, music, performance. It will continue on Friday in Second Life and  run until next Tuesday. Absolutely recommended!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Festival of Love

arranged by the German literature group Brennende Buchstaben is looming on the horizon and the blogosphere becomes active. Here is a blog entrance by Hydorgol, a German science fiction author, who does interviews with all active contributers for the FdL until the opening day: . The festival program in English is available on the following page: .
More to come ...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

H2O with Walt Ireton

The MBK Gallery is proud to present the professional photos of the photo artist Walt Ireton in October/November. Walt's pictures are technically perfect without giving up a special artistic view; in this exhibition he shows images based on the topic H2O/Water. Cordial invitation to join the opening on Monday, 30th of September at 1pm SLT. DJane Miriam will play Latin Jazz. .

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


is a new exhibition on the rooftop of the Sky 4 Art-Gallery on the Space 4 Art Sim. It shows 4 categories of options for making art in Second Life. Presented are art pieces of 10 Second Life artists, Scottius Polke, ChapTer Kronfeld, Sisi Biedermann, CreativeSam India, Louly Loon, Roland Teichmann, FirleFanz Roxley, Gleman Jun, Treacle Darlandes and Lusus Saule. The show is hosted by Asmita Duranjaya. .

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Xirana Oximoxi - Animal Series

Next Friday at 1pm SLT art enthusiasts are invited to visit the opening of the new RoofTopExhibition at Space 4 Art with the Animal Series of Spanish artist Xirana Oximoxi. Droll, cute, colorful paintings show a fantasy variety of beings, who have been created to illustrate children books according to the artist. They are a vivid festival of colour and form. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Vote for Kinetic Art - Black'n'White Contest at Space 4 Art

Although everybody of the participants showed a worthy piece of art, the playful background behind an art contest is to find winners. And in this case the first 3 winners were all followers of kinetic art and it seems that the jury and the public voters had the same preference.
kjs Yip with his flexi-prim composition It's Me - A Paper-Cut made the 3rd prize with 800 LL.
The 2nd position, getting 1200 LL, holds the French artist Louly Loon with her awesome animated Dance in Black and White
And clearly nominated for the 1st position with 2000 LL has been Moewe Winkler with her work Sometimes Synchronic, a kinetic pieceof floating airiness.
150 avatars have visited and probably voted in this contest. The results of the public and the jury contest are added and show a generalised opinion, which has nothing to do with an absolute truth or an ever valid objectivity.
The contest has been sponsored by the owners of the Space 4 Art sim, ChapTer Kronfeld, Lilia Artis, Moe Sandalwood and Asmita Duranjaya, who were also working as jury, except of Lilia, who has been volontariously replaced by an external judge. 
To honor non-kinetic artists too, Asmita and ChapTer had decided, to dedicate two honorable mention awards to the best voted sculpture and 2D-picture. 
So Xirana Oximoxi with her sculpture Night Queen and Gitu Aura with her picture Headache received both 400LL. 
The exhibition of all the black and white pieces can be visited until 1st of September in the TopGallery at Space 4 Art.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aquarellarium - Space 4 Art

Asmita Duranjaya has changed her ArtHabitat, which now shows a variety of watercolor- paintings, some purely from RL, others digitally processed, getting a new expression with this method. Enjoy the immersive atmosphere of the habitat with all sorts of interactive animals. Open from now until November. 

3 Events at Space 4 Art on Friday 16th

On Friday 16th of August at 1pm SLT will be the winners announcement for the art contest Black'n'White in the TopGallery at Space 4 Art 

followed by the opening of the August/September RoofTopExhibition. This time the artist Andy Burroughs will show her work under the title "once upon a time in second life": 
Feel cordially invited to join both events and continue with visiting the opening of the Artwood sim basis installation "House of Memories" at 2pm: 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Louly Loon's Influences from Steampunk

are shown in August and September 2013 in the MBK Gallery, hosted by Asmita Duranjaya and owned by Zewe Major. The French artist shows some new steampunk influenced sculptures with a gorgeous blue or green patina and rusty iron textures, beautifully integrated in the grungy atmosphere of the mediaeval looking market hall. The opening will be on Sunday, 04th of August 2013 at 1pm framed by steampunk-music. Cordial invitation! .

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Triangle Points the Way. A Review of “Shipwrecking – Direction Home,” by Asmita Duranjaya

by Miriam Evanier

My tour starts just outside the container home, and the little place beckons with bright warm colors and functional comforts. The view from inside, however, contradicts the fluid design of the home.  Even the gardens conform to narrow strips and tight, lonely corners of the island.  It’s time to go exploring.

Navigating the latest art openings on the Second Life grid last Sunday, I end up a castaway at artist Asmita Duranjaya’s installation “Shipwrecking – Direction Home.”  I zoom out to take in the shape of my surroundings: a triangle-shaped island enclosing a small but self-sufficient home and, enclosing the island, dark and broken shores of an urban mainland.  
I explore the shores by boat and submarine.  Crates of mainland waste just out like icebergs.  The city buzzes with activity, but the lit towers lean, and power poles fall.  Above and below the water’s surface, the inhospitable landscape holds danger.  I try to venture out on foot but fall into a blue hole.  Forgotten.  

If you like to collect art, you’ll find the artist’s original works on the island and in the underwater gallery.  Those pictures are one source for the creation of this installation.  
The experiences and feelings of the artist are another source.  Asmita Duranjaya reveals herself in this work.  It is a map of the imagination and a translation of the soul. .

Monday, July 15, 2013

SimArt - Space 4 Art: The Seven Mortal Sins from Dante's Divina Commedia by ChapTer Kronfeld

This new installation of Dante's Purgatory is an absolute must-have-seen. ChapTer has arranged it in a extremely detailed and sophisticated way. You can expect the following stations:
The contemporary interpretation of the Seven Mortal Sins, from Dante's '' Divina Commedia'' has been created by Chapter Kronfeld [artist name in the metaverse] referring to our current global problems.
What is the way to understand this installation?
Climb the mountain of purification, do not get bogged down in details.
Be willing  unconditionally to finish this hike with the result to gain access to your own perception.
Not the goal of this journey is desirable.
The movement on your path towards the goal will bring you true enlightenment.
 A small list aims to help you, to transfer the imaginations of the Middle Ages
concerning the seven deadly sins to the contemporary world, as it is shown in Chapter's small incomplete interpretation.
Our dog-eat-dog society has reinterpreted all the negative human characteristics as desirable. These are, beastlyness, selfishness, craving for recognition, PRISM etc.
2 - ENVY
Look at managers, banks, stock market, cartels, drugs ...
Keywords are e.g.  wars, murder, intolerance towards different-minded people, ...
{This exhibition from Chapter, here in Metaversum, too ... }
Our entire media age with all digitized assistance, ...
Greed, ''greed-is-cool'', environment pollution and nuclear power industries ...
Cloning technology, reproductive medicine, animal breeding, food elimination in the first world, catastrophic famines in the third world ...
7 - LUST
Female genital mutilation (FGM), pedophilia in the churches, tormenting children to death ...

Opening: Sunday, 21st od July at 1:30pm SLT,
After being purified walk up to 1000m on ChapTer's Stairway to Heaven!

SimArt - Space 4 Art: Shipwrecking - Direction Home by Asmita Duranjaya

shows my personal mental situation in the moment of creating this installation:
After a period of feeling shipwrecked in a few life situations and targets I have the feeling to have to look for a new home, an environment suitable for my inner condition, a spot, where I would like to spend my next years. Because I have a strong connection to Sri Lanka inside and outside, I spent recently some weeks there, to find out, whether there could be this home spot for me. The installation shows the result of this search and my dream.
I have developed the idea to live in a container-house on a triangle land. Although this feels cosy I feel at the same time the challenge and threat of the dark sometimes ugly, dirty, noisy, cruel, cold and incomplete structure of the surrounding capital Colombo. The textures are taken from original photos, processed in a graphic software and the installation is enhanced by original sounds, which can be heard, when someone approaches the buildings, palms and electricity poles. The surrounding water can become a challenge too, be it in times of Tsunami or when chemicals pollute it.
So my container house, which is sold in RL by a special company, surrounded by a wall, with solar power  and decorated with a lot of contemporary art seems to be a sanctuary for somebody seeking protection. There is only one hindrance in realizing this dream: triangle land in Sri Lanka is seen as genuinely evil - not many people would buy it and later you could not sell it...

Starting on the main landing area at Space 4 Art, click the tp to Asmita's spots (triangle) and choose then asmiSIMart. Use the boats for a tour - it is fun either to go with a normal boat over water or with a sub(marine) underwater=> surprise gallery. Enjoy all the corners and views. Opening: 21st of July 2013 1pm SLT.

(Sim basic textures by Lilia Artis; they are changed every 3 months by one member of our artist community, ChapTer Kronfeld, Moe Sandalwood, Lilia Artis or me, Asmita Duranjaya.)

Asmita, July 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moewe Winkler and kjs Yip

will celebrate their RoofTopExhibitions at Space 4 Art on 14th of July at 1pm. Moewe closes her interesting kinetic show "In the Morning" and kjs will build up his new presentation "Wilderness of Mirrors" on the fly and live in the moment when Moewe leaves. All our friends, art enthusiasts and afficionados of Second Life are invited to celebrate this change with dance and music.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MiniContest Black'n'White

In the TopGallery at Space 4 Art starts from now a MiniArtContest in July and August 2013 with the topic Black'n'White. It is held exclusively for the artists in residence at the art sim. The rules are strict: Five prims are the limit, the size has to be within 5x5x7 m upright and the deadline is the 16th of July. The opening of the public exhibition and the voting will be on 21st of July at 1pm SLT. Like always a public and a jury voting will bring the result, who will take home 2000, 1500 and 500LL at last. Sponsors of the contest are the sim artists and owners Lilia Artis, ChapTer Kronfeld, Moe Sandalwood and Asmita Duranjaya. The vernissage for this contest exhibition is a part of the reopening of the sim basis. In July Asmita and ChapTer will present their new installations; in August Lilia and Moe will follow. Announcements will be displayed here later.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ohe53 - Nelun Harasgama now at Art Center Gualdo

The work of the Sri Lankan artist Nelun Harasgama has been migrated with her agreement by Asmita to Sisi Biedermann's Art Center Gualdo for the month of July 2013. Ohe53 (the SL name of the artist) has been invited to be guest artist of the month. All SL art enthusiasts, who had not the chance to see the exhibition at Space 4 Art can now make up for it at Sisi's place:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In the Morning by Moewe Winkler

The German artist Moewe Winkler is a permanent host at Space 4 Art and it is her turn in June and July 2013 to create a show on the rooftop of the Sky 4 Art Gallery. Her topic is "In the Morning" and she is presenting kinetic multimedia installations based on color, sound, form and scripting. The opening for this one-month-exhibition is on Sunday, 16th of June at 1pm. Everybody interested in Moewe's interesting animated art projects should not miss this event and is cordially invited.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blooming in Spring at MBK

... is an art exhibition pervaded by flowery scent and the beauty of pastel colours. Kayly Iali shows again her artistic talent in a tightrope walk between objective flower paintings and abstract compositions. These paintings are new and can be admired from Sunday 9th of June until end of July 2013. The opening will be held on 9th at 1pm in the MBK Gallery.
Cordial invitation!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watery Abstracts by Mathilde Vhargon

Mathilde Vhargon shows her brand new "Watery Abstracts" on the RoofTop of the Sky 4 Art Gallery on the Space 4 Art sim.
The opening starts at 1pm SLT on Sunday 19th of May 2013. Mathilde Vhargon is a resident artist at Space 4 Art and known for her beautiful colored pictures, either abstracts or not. Her pictures bring life to every place and can highlight every environment. The exhibition lasts from 15th of May until 15th of June 2013. Cordial invitation!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sri Lankan Artist at Space 4 Art

Sunday, the 12th of May will become a very special day, because we can present at Space 4 Art one of the finest real life artists from Sri Lanka: Nelun Harasgama, in SL Ohe53. Asmita could stay at her home for some days and has shown her the options, which SL offers for arists. Nelun has been fascinated and a new avi was made for her. The whole family joined in this project giving advice how the avatar has to look like. Asmita made a gallery using textures of Nelun's home, so that the atmosphere is a bit like in Nelun's designer place and presented are beautiful oil-paintings in the typical minimalist and contemplative style of Nelun. Some refer directly to Buddhism with its focus on suffering and samsara. Others praise the beauty of nature or refer to the situation of refugees. Unique in Nelun's work is the style of painting human figures in an innocent, but nevertheless proud and elegant way, shown in her "spirit" - paintings. For art collectors and afficionados this vernissage will be a delicacy. To accentuate the especialness of this event, we have organized a live concert with Fingersatz Barbosa, playing early music on his guitar for half an hour. It starts on 11:30 am SLT, what means midnight in Sri Lanka and 8:30 pm in Europe. So feel cordially invited to join us for this extraordinary event.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sisi Biedermann is the new artist for the rooftop exhibition at Space 4 Art and she shows, that she loves flowers and nature. Her garden arrangement is the frame to present her colorful pictures in the most beautiful way and it is a joy for the visitor to detect the work of this well known Danish artist in Second Life in this way close to nature. Opening hour: Monday 15th, 1pm SLT. The show will be open until 15th of May.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pictures in Jail by Aneli Abeyante

Aneli is not only a great curator, she is also an artist herself and shares the fate with other curators, whose artistic work is sometimes shadowed by all the hosting activities for others. In this exhibition in the MBK Gallery Aneli has chosen the topic "Pictures in Jail" and we hope, that all the visitors of this show will help, to liberate the pictures from being caught and to bring Aneli's art to the sunny surface of awareness. 1pm like always, DJane Miriam with her lovely mix of tunes and bring some tools to free the pictures ;). .

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kayly Iali - Space 4 Art

shows in March/April 2013 an assorted selection of her vivid abstract paintings under the topic 'Movement in Space' on the rooftop of the Sky 4 Art Gallery. The reception will start on Sunday, 17th of March at 1pm SLT. Come and enjoy! .

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Lilia Artis, Moe Sandalwood, ChapTer Kronfeld and Asmita Duranjaya have rearranged the sim basis of Space 4 Art and present new landscape and sim art. xHibition is the part of Moe and Lilia and it shows several work with the letter X as a basis, integrated into the sim landscape. 
ChapTer's xHibition is shocking (I don't tell more and don't show a picture in advance; we are a mature sim and it has an age-limit, but not because of physical nudity). 
Asmita has chosen the new sim colors and textures and she has built a whimsical crater with life and relaxation inside; her show is called PrimOrdialSoup. All art lovers are cordially invited to visit the new xHibition and to discover all the small and big artwork. 
Start is 1pm SLT.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Under Kylie's Wings

It is a very pleasant experience to show one's art in the Rose Art Gallery. Kylie Sabra is not only an average curator, she has a magic hand to arrange the delivered artwork in the most advantageous way. She creates a second level of aesthetics, making the room an auxiliary of the artwork. Kylie had seen Asmita's black and white collection in Ernie Farstrider's East Gallery and invited her to show these pieces and additional black and white creations in Gallery 6 in The Rose Palace. In one week this exhibition has been arranged with brand-new pictures and installations and it will be opened tomorrow at 1pm SLT at:
Cordial invitation to all friends and art lovers and by the way, the Angel Manor is full of small galleries, which are fun to be discovered. See you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Xirana Oximoxi

shows her work in the MBK Gallery in February and March 20013. The opening is on Sunday, 3rd of February at 1pm SLT. The gallery is hosted since 3 years by Asmita Duranjaya, giving the chance to SL artists to present their RL and SL work for 2 months. Xirana is a RL artist from Catalunya and she present paintings on the topic "Naked Cold", suitable for the winter season. It is the first exhibition after moving the Meisterbastler sims, which belong to Zewe Major, making them a part of the German sim community. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

in fear of WAR by Asmita

It could become a challenge for the visitors, who dare to visit Asmita's WAR-Statement at the Torno-Kohime-Foundation, hosted by Tani Thor and Aloisio Congrejo. Not a challenge maybe for the generation of coumputer-gamers, who is used to warcraft, splattering blood and the sound of shouting and dying people, but for the guests of art exhibitions, who look for a protected, harmonizing atmosphere full of a certain type of beauty, related to color and form. Stepping through the blood-lake in this audio-visual installation can be shocking and perturbating and should be done as an experiment for the resilience of  the psyche. Better to leave, before getting absorbed by the visual and sonic destructiveness!
Opening: Monday, 14th of January 1:30 pm SLT .
Asmita's Statement

The installation is based on a bi-lingual book of the contemporary Afghan author Ahmad Zia Hadi, whose poetry has been illustrated by Asmita in RL and which includes an anti-war-poem. This poem can be heard during the visit inside the installation in boith languages, Dari and German; if avisitor approaches the center, consisiting of a blood-fountain, the English translation will show up. The poetry-book is available in SL and RL: and

Virtuelle Welten