Friday, April 21, 2017

Green Gyration

New Fracticularium in April 2017: Monday 24th at 1pm SLT on the interstellART-sim:

ENERGY - LEA9 sim-wide art-installation by Asmita Duranjaya

Today 2nd layer: Energy = Movement: .
This layer is about movement as a component of art pieces created in the virtual worlds. The scripts mainly used for this purpose are available as a freebie-package on the landing point of this layer: .

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

LEA9 ENERGY in 5 Layers by Asmita Duranjaya


Energy = Transformation
Energy = Movement
Energy = Interaction
Energy = Love
Energy = Transcendence

My sim-wide installation ENERGY is a piece of conceptual techno-organic art. 
I try to visualize the term in five layers, from the simple physical aspect to the philosophical aspect of looking beyond the physical boundaries.
The conceptual strategy allows me to enhance my own installation 
with art-pieces of colleagues in Second Life. Some I took from my art collection or some I got by asking recent artist-friends to contribute in concern of the topic. 

The contributing artists are:

Jaime Poutine - Merit Coba
Kolor Fall - Scottius Polke
Finny Yates - LouEct
lalie Sorbet - Aloisio Congrejo
bachi Cheng - Frantz Catteneo
Louly Loon - Sylver Piccard
Elle Thorkveld - Kyoko
Vonnie Fox - Wintergeist
OHE54 - Natsha Lemton
Nish Mip - Elle Thorkveld

Thanks to Mason Woller for some bulding help.

Thanks to the LEA committee, especially 
Dove Rhode, PatriciaAnne Daviau, LaPiscean Liberty and Secret Rage.

Layer: Energy = Transformation - this layer on the sim-basis has been transformed in the last days with energy-tools and art pieces with the topic ENERGY or TRANSFORMATION or POWER by several SL artists, like, Finny Yates, Wintergeist, Jaime Poutine, Elle Thorkveld, lalie Sorbet, LouEct. The transformatin will continue. Thanks to all the hidden contributors, whose tools I use for the sim-installation without reinventing the wheel.
To see more preview-pics go to: or .

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

interstellART presents:

"Visions of a Traveller" is the title of an art exhibition by Vonnie Fox. The animated art-pieces show impressions and expressions of travelling in virtual and so called real worlds. Vonnie uses strong colors and a pop-art-like style, wich will fascinate the visitors, who can immersively participate in the journey by sitting close to the pictures and feeling like in the train, bus or car. All art-aficionados are cordially invited to join the vernissage in the new AiRGallery (AiR=Artists in Residence) on the sim interstellART on Sunday, 19th of March 2017 at 1pm SLT.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Major Arcana

is a cooperative art project of all artists in residence on the art-exo-planet interstellART in Second Life: Merit Coba, lalie Sorbet, Claude Belgar, Barret Darkfold, Jaime Poutine, Frantz Catteneo, Vonnie Fox, Wintergeist, Elle Thorkveld, Kyoko, Ohe 54 and Asmita Duranjaya. Topic has been to create the Tarot-cards of the so called Major Arcana, the 22 main cards. Tarot is a kind of mystical approach to find out decisions for future life situations, but this art project focused on the artistic marrow of the card-names, like The Hermit or The Strength etc. and used them as a inspirational source. All artists did a phantastic job and the results will be presented to to the public on Monday 27th of March 2017 at 1pm SLT, introduced by Asmita's regular Fracticularium.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

MeshMaskMuseum - a cultural studies-approach by Asmita Duranjaya

This exhibition by Asmita Duranjaya shows an art-technique concerning the meshing of RL-masks and making them relief-like 3D-art. The results are presented with culturally related textiles. Clickable pins on wall-maps deliver ncs with further information around the cultural background of the masks. Every visitor can buy a cyber-mask for 0 Linden as a goodie.

The project can also be seen as an intercultural approach. The maze-like structure of the building invites to explore the world of masks: 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fracticularium in January

will be one Monday before the last one due to travel-activities:
Windlight: Lords of Barsoom.
Place:…/Space%204%20Art/…/128/2 .

Fossil Fractals

This exhibition by Asmita Duranjaya shows a new art-technique concerning the meshing of fractal-creations and making them relief-like 3D-art. The results look like fossils found on an exo-planet in the universe being displayed for human eyes. Enjoy:…/Borneo%20Atoll/…/146/1002 .

Thursday, January 12, 2017

interstellART presents: Parisian Women & Women in Paris

... is the title of the next beautiful photo-exhibition by French writer, blogger and photographer Frantz Catteneo. It shows, in combination with songs, sensitive, colorful and fascinating snapshots of adorable Parisian women & women in Paris, photos taken on the artist's extended walks through his home-town.

Visitors are cordially invited to join the vernissage in the new art deco-gallery on Sunday, 22nd of January 2017 at 1pm SLT. .

Virtuelle Welten