Thursday, December 29, 2011

Between Orient and Occident

Asmita’s approach:
The sky-installation „Between orient and Occident“ is a personal statement, based on my Real Life experiences with travelling, living and working as an European in Asian countries. In RL I process my impressions and experiences in a more intellectual way and with this sky-installation in Second Life I took the chance to focus more on the emotional, associative and intuitive side of my mental and physical experiences. In the developing process of the art installation I found at last five categories, which I like to present and those are: 1. Travel&Trade; 2. The TaleTower; 3. Color&Shape; 4. Urban Standardization; 5. Meditation&Healing. These are the topics of my five virtual areas, open for exploration. The areas are accessible through teleport-doors. If one area is finally explored, one door with the label “EXIT” will lead to the next place.
There is a guidebook available, that can be worn as a hud in a corner of the screen. It gives short introductory explanations and contains a puzzle, which can be solved just for fun and with the aim to get a gift-box at the end. In every area the visitor has to find a special word and in this word one or two certain characters. The six found characters add up to a solution word and this word terms a symbol, used in the European mythology as well as in the Asian, insofar “between orient and occident”.
I want to thank the jury of the UWA-sky-series to give my colleagues and me the chance and the prims for this art challenge.
Thanks also to my colleagues and friends Louly Loon and ChapTer Kronfeld for the motivating and inspiring partnership during the past weeks of preparation. Everybody of them has found an individual perspective on the topic.

Louly’s notes say:
“When I started to work around that topic, "between Orient & Occident", I first decided to let me inspire by extreme-orient culture. I made the Geisha Butterfly (2d-platform). It was like an evidence, it was the center of my work, just an impulse. As usual in my art works, femininity and the conditions of women were at the beginning... intuitive source of inspiration. Then I built the other platforms: one material, the other spiritual. But I felt frustrated, no guideline, just inspiration. And then it appeared to me as an evidence! Last year I was always listening to Madam Butterfly, the Opera, an old version sung by M. Callas with the Karajan orchestra. A version I have been offered by a friend. That's it: my vision of the meeting between Orient & Occident, an opera one of the most beautiful versions that I ever have heard! Such a beautiful love story, and so dramatical one! The developing process of this art installation is three parts (as the Opera)
1.At the beginning Cio-Cio-San gives her mind and soul to Pinkerton and denies her culture.
2.She waits for his return, at my eyes one of the most beautiful aria of the opera history: "Un bel di vedremo".
3.She prefers dying than leave without him. "Who can't leave in honor, die in honor". I always cry when I listen to that part, I feel overwhelmed...
I build it as theatre decor. As scenes, just missing singers...”

ChapTer Kronfeld’s description sounds as follows:
“Die Installation „The Route from the Occident to the Orient“ zeigt meinen subjektiven Versuch, einen Zugang zu den inneren Strukturen des Morgenlandes zu finden. Als mit toleranten abendländischen Werten und Ansichten aufgewachsener Mensch, begebe ich mich suchend, mit offenem, Wissen suchendem Geist, auf den Weg, die Welt des Orients annähernd zu begreifen. Je näher ich einem vermeintlichen Ziel komme, desto unklarer wird die Erkenntnis. Der Weg muss das Ziel bleiben und nicht ein statischer Endpunkt. Wir alle müssen und werden bemüht bleiben, immer und immer wieder Schritte zu dem Andersartigen und Neuen zu erwandern. Nur durch solch stetiges Bemühen entsteht Toleranz und gegenseitige Achtung“. (Free translation by Asmita: The installation „The Route from the Occident to the Orient” shows my subjective way to find an access to the inner structures of the Orient. As a person, who has grown up with tolerant occidental values and point of views, I set off in search and with an open mind for roughly understanding the world of the orient. The closer I approach my alleged target the less clear becomes the perception. The journey has to remain the reward and not a static end point. We all have to care and to make an effort continuously in approaching step by step the culturally different and new. Only this permanent effort creates tolerance and respect of each other.)

We all three together hope, this variety will be enjoyed by the visitors in the same way as we have enjoyed the creation process.

In December 2011, Asmita Duranjaya

Sunday, December 18, 2011

ArtFest 2011

On the sim "Eclectic Diversity", owned by Huntress Catteneo, the 2nd ArtFest takes place this year. It is an exclusive charity action for the international RedCross, helping in catastrophe areas and the art pieces have been created by SL artists as unique pieces for this exhibition. Asmita's build is called "FantasyTowerMemorial" and is dedicated to all the victims of catastrophes in 2011. Come and donate some Linden for your favourite pieces!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The American artist JudiLynn India (or Aries) has created a specific exhibition for Asmita's UnderWaterGallery with the title "Cleaner Sea". Beside the thrilling artistic expression of JudiLynn's work the visitor is called upon the environmental aspect of the topic "Water". Not only in the USA have been enough catastrophes in the last years concerning the contamination of the oceans and rivers, be it by oil, chemicals or by waste disposal in general. The exhibition emphazises this topic in a persuasive way. The opening starts on 14th of December at 1pm SLT in the UnderWaterGallery:
CreativeSam India is a newcomer artist from RL India (true!) and he shows his photo art in the MBK Gallery, curated by Asmita Duranjaya. The photos have a clear Indian flavour and so does the atmosphere in the gallery this time. Asmita, an artist herself, has cooperated with Sam, enhancing his photos with some SL-features. The visitors of the opening will get a short concert with raga music, Indian dance and a durga puja song, followed by a Bhangra dance party. The vernissage starts on Thursday 8th of December at 12am SLT in the MBK Gallery.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Winners Announcement MBK ArtContest CloseToNature

Next Sunday, the 27th of November 2011, at 1pm SLT the secret will be disclosed: six of 18 artists got enough points in the public and jury voting of the MBK art contest CloseToNature to become part of the artwalk along the river in the small Bavarian themed city of the Meisterbastler main sim. Nevertheless all the other art sculptures were admired by the visitors too and got a lot of votes. The final voting result can be seen in the BookCorner Meisterbastler South. The winners announcement party will take place closed to the Italian Restaurant Il Cipresso and DJ Zewe will spin some hot tunes after announcing the winners and transferring the prize money of 3000, 2000, 1000, 600, 300 and 150 to the artists. Miriam Evanier, chief of the local press, called Kurier, will hold a short speech concerning the 4th anniversary of the magazine. Asmita Duranjaya, the curator of the contest and the presentation, will congratulate the artists. Everybody interested in art is welcome to join the party:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

VIP - VirtualInstrumentPlayers

Four avis, Miriam Evanier, reinhold Apfelbaum, Asmita Duranjaya and Yira Rossini have founded the performance group "Virtual Instrument Players" = VIP. They have prepared a private music stream for the guests playing Southamerican flute-music and use selfmade and bought musical instruments and animations. Because of the technical impossibility to synchronize both completely in SL they ask the listeners to tolerate some asynchronicity. Yira Rossini reads poems of LatinAmerican poets. The performance is at the same time the opening for the JungleGallery with Asmita Duranjaya's exhibition SIGNUM showing (new) virtually processed RL stamp-pictures and jewel-sets with inka-motifs. After the "official" performance part a LatinSalsa-party will start. So feel cordially invited on 13th of November at 2pm SLT on Asmita's Island on the Edge:
Important notice: All the donations during the event will go to the Afghanistan Museum in Second Life and the organisation RAWA, that cares for the education of Afghan women.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


... is the topic of the recent art contest of the MBK (Meisterbastler Kreis) Second Life community. Zewe Major, the owner of the six sims has craeted a fabulous alpine moutain landscape and a typical Bavarian small town. He is a friend of arts and of nature and along the river in the town he wants to place six sculptures of 3D artists, which refer to nature objects, like flowers, water or trees etc.

Together with Asmita Duranjaya, the arts curator of the community and Miriam Evanier, the chief of the local press, the rules for the contest have been decided. The artists have 20 prims and the size for the artwork can be up to 3x3x6 m. The deadline is the 31st of October 3pm SLT and the pieces are shown in November for public and jury voting in the hangars of the newly built MBK airport. On the 22nd of November the award ceremony will take place and the winners can get 3000, 2000 or 1000 LL and the first 6 pieces are chosen for the artwalk on the river. Every artist will also get a little something. Up to now seven artists have already sent their contribution and all others are invited and reminded not to forget to participate in this contest.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Neo Graphia - Ally Aeon

Ally Aeon, herself proud owner of one of the most vivid and well known art communities in Second Life shows her new work Neo Graphia in the Meisterbastler Gallery. Ally has invented a kind of own artist script system, like an alphabet and she plays with the newly invented letters. At the same time she shows some of the main artist techniques in Second Life and the visitor can enjoy interesting artwork and update his or her knowledge at the same time.

The opening for this exhibition is on Monday, the 10th of October, 1pm SLT.

The Heart of the Planet - Nish Mip

Nish Mip, the British artist, is known for her expressive and atmospheric installations. She has won several awards at UWA and shows now a new work in the Starbase Gallery of the DID. It has the title "The Heart of the Planet" and is a visual science fiction story. Remarkable is also the soundscape of this installation, consisting of mysterious noises, howling of creatures and snippets of words or what could be identified as human-like language. Turn on your sound to the maximum, so you will be able to dive into this world of a foreign planet with its phantastic colors and maybe you will be able to find "the Heart of the Planet".
The Opening is on Friday, the 7th of October at 2pm SLT.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Newcomer Under Water

To bring up something new in the art scene of Second Life is not easy and especially not for newcomers. But Roland Teichmann from Germany did it - he created something very special and Asmita Duranjaya is glad to host his interesting and attractive exhibition "WaterUnderWater" in her UnderWaterGallery at her new Island on the Edge. Roland, who is a great photographer at the same time has enhanced his water-photos with streaming and flowing water in a very surprising and careful way. The show opens on the 2nd of September at 11am SLT and will be open in September and October. It will be also part of the huge sim festival organised by Kueperpunk Korhonen (information will follow). An additional attraction is a choice of music pieces from all over the world with the term WATER in their title. The music can be choosen individually, so that everybody can get his or her water-music according to the individual taste. Come and bring your friends, it's worth a visit!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

ZEXPO 2011

Asmita and Giridevi Duranjaya run their bookcorner in Second Life during the ZEXPO 2011 too. There will be four events in the next days:
a) A Demonstration Lecture on BookTypes in SL (31st of Aug 1pm SLT);
b) a Demonstration Lecture on ArtistBooks in SL (1st od Sept 1pm SLT);
c) a bilingual reading with poems of the Indonesian RL poet D.R. Herliany (2nd of Sept 1pm SLT);
d) a reading with a short story of Giridevi Duranjaya "The PolarBear" (3rd of Sept 2pm SLT).
The readings will be hearable through a web link and readable in the chat and the lectures are read in chat too.
ZEXPO is a huge exhibition on an adult sim and show a lot of attractions from all over the grid.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reflections on Change - Dacob Paine in the MBK Gallery

The MBK Gallery hosts in August and September 2011 an exhibition of Dacob Paine, who is well known in Second Life for his "swirl"-pictures, which he produces digitally with a elaborated and unique technique. He has changed in the last years from a small format size to big wall filling displays, that ad a special animating and positive atmosphere to every room. The changes in his own painting technique Dacob wants to show in this exhibition. His pictures look like 3D and are very vivid, as if they would be animated. The opening for this show is on Monday, 1st of August at 1pm SLT in the MBK Gallery.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Invitation to a Journey

is the title of the huge installation of Louly Loon in the Gallery Starbase on the DID sim:
Take your snorkle out and land directly in an underwater scenery. The artist is a master of light pastell colours and you will be immediately captivated by the beautiful environment in slowly rotating waves of crystal clear water. TP up to the next layers and experience Louly's stations of a journey, a trip into transparent and carefully animated textures and on the top layer into a crystal palace. The artist is a fan of opera music and gives you some hints, which music would be the best to listen to, whilst enjoying the exhibition. The opening is on Sunday 31st at 1pm SLT.


Signum is one of the Latin words for stamp and the artist Asmita Duranjaya shows in this exhibition some examples of her latest stampwork in RL, as 3D artwork processed in the virtuality with the existing digital features, like animations, rotations, emitting of particles etc. The result is a irrational "jungle-feeling", maybe created by colours, the specific textures and forms, in Asmita's small and cosy art gallery of Milly Sharple's big and interesting art mall.

Also stampwork, but in 2D is shown in the tiny MBK gallery of Asmita's BookCorner. The stamped lines and spots end up in a unique graphic quality.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Notes on the MiniArtContest URBAN

The opening of the MiniArtContest URBAN on 24th of July at 1pm lasted around three hours and more than 70 avis took the chance to participate in the relaxed atmosphere of the newly founded sky gallery. The ten excellent art pieces of Juanita Deharo, Theda Tammas, Aloisio Congrejo, Fafner Hofmann, Milly Sharple, Fuschia Nightfire, ChapTer Kronfeld, fiona Blaylock, Sisi Biedermann and Harter Fall attracted the visitors and they voted ambitiously. A good collection of Nu-Jazz titles animated the guests to dance under glowing particle lights. For all interested friends is a book available now, which can be bought in the gallery and can be viewed online at this address here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Opening on Sunday 24th

The opening for the exhibition and contest *URBAN* takes place on Sunday 24th of July 2011 in the UrbanGallery of Asmita's Island on the Edge Prieta. 10 more or less established artists of the SL art scene have contributed unique and expressive art pieces and compete to win one of the 3 awards. Starting with the opening is the public voting which is one part of the judgement additionla to the jury voting. Every voter has one possiblity to show his appreciation to his favourite art installations. The show starts at 1pm SLT. The exhibition can be visited until the end of August; the public voting is open until the 31st of July at midnight (MEZ).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

ulme-mini-verlag with a new category

The small German publishing company ulme-mini-verlag S. Fernando offers a fine choice of academic and bilingual edutainment-books including an interactive multimedia CD-ROM. With the change of the website-design, the company added a new category, so called artist books. The SL-artist Asmita Duranjaya offers unique tunnel-books and stampzines. Especially proud is the publishing company to be able to present 6 fanzine-books of the English label "reassemble": All the artist books are only existing one time and they are absolutely seducing eye-candies. They can be bought directly bought with using paypal.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New MiniArtContest "URBAN"

After changing the land in SL Asmita Duranjaya's activity as a curator starts with a MiniContest on the topic "URBAN". Deadline is the 22nd of July and the application for participation starts now. 10 artists can show an artwork created according to this specific topic in the new contest gallery at the Island on the Edge; the first 10 to signalize, that they want to participate, will get the chance, if they fulfill the conditions given below. After displaying the work (2 weeks time to prepare) there is a jury voting and a public voting (3:1). The work has to be new to SL and can be a mixed media production, a sculpture or an animated or unanimated artwork, but no photography. It is limited to 10 prims and might not be bigger than 3x3x3m. So it is a kind of mini-artwork.
The prize will be 2000L for the 1st, and 500L for the 2nd and the 3rd winner. All participants will get a shopping voucher and a book presenting the contest. The artwork can be sold during the 2 months period of presenting and the commission will be 25% too (split script).
Visit the exhibition place at

Enjoy all the other new areas at Asmita's Island on the Edge starting from the new central TP board at

This was the message yesterday in a lot of art groups; after 1 hour the quantity of 10 participants had been reached and now we can look forward to the contributions of Juanita Deharo, theda Tammas, Aloisio Congrejo, Fafner Hofmann, Milly Sharple, Fuschia Nightfire, ChapTer Kronfeld, fiona Blaylock, Sisi Biedermann and Harter Fall. An appealing competition!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Asmita's "Thicket" at PiRats

The idea for this unusual topic came from an artist-book, which Asmita has created in RL. So she took the photo-texture of this book and realized a 3D version with the inworld features of Second Life, like animations, color and light scripts particle flow etc. The atmosphere inside that "Thicket" became mysterious and a bit spooky enhanced with a sound composition from Asmita's synthesizer. The installation "Thicket" is interactice and immersive, because the visitor can take a ride on alien-animals, circulating permanently throughout the "Thicket".

The opening is on Tuesday, 04th of July at 1:30 pm SLT. Come and stroll through the Thicket!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silene Christen - The Traveller

The Traveller is a mystical and in some parts goth science fiction installation by the award winning artist Silene Christen from Spain. It is a mysterious visual story which has to be discovered by the visitor. So come to the opening on 3rd of June 2011 at 1pm and try to understand ...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Milly Sharple - Meanderings

The British artist Milly Sharple, known for her extremely beautiful fractals, shows new flower fractals in the Meisterbastler Gallery in June and July 2011. Milly uses awesome warm colors with a balance of light and shadow and is able to control and process the fractals in a mystical and elegant way. Along with the pictures the artist shows her pottery. All art lovers are invited to join the opening on the 1st of June at 1pm SLT.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Big Blue

Dieudonnee Beaumont is an artist and art lecturer from the Netherlands and she will show her animated pictures in May and June this year in Asmita's UnderWaterGallery. The colour blue is associated with water and the sea and the artist refers to this association with her colourful photos and contrasty graphics. Dieudonnee Beaumont uses often a closed focus of her objects, like fish scales or even an eye to express the beauty of nature as a formant for art. At the same time some of her pictures are warnings of destroying that beauty with our imprudence.

The opening for this art show is on Sunday, the 8th of May at 1pm SLT. DJ Schepp Slade will spin tunes refering to water and sea. All art lovers, friends and everybody is invited to join this event.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Interesting New Art Contest at Haveli

Example for the topic "Inspired by Mythology" by Asmita Duranjaya, recontextualizing the "Three Graces":

Dear Artists, Gallery Owners, and Art Lovers,

Medley Arts is proud to announce their first Exhibition and Art Contest at our newly renovated Haveli Art Gallery. Haveli is located in Shekhawati, a sim dedicated to the art, culture and architecture of India and the South Asian sub-continent. The first floor of of Haveli Art Gallery is organised with traditional Indian paintings. The Exhibition and Contest will take place on the second floor.:

Exhibition and Contest: The title of the contemporary art contest and exhibition is 'Inspired by Mythology'.

Ancient myth has always provided fertile ground for artists and theorists of the visual. However, current writing on contemporary art is, with few exceptions, curiously devoid of mythological content, despite demonstrable interest in myth on the part of several contemporary artists, ranging from earlier figures such as Louise Bourgeois and Cy Twombly to more recent arrivals such as Gregory Crewdson, Fred Wilson, Bill Viola, Ann Hamilton, and John Currin. While some artists’ work invokes the power of classical European mythology explicitly, as in an expressly narcissistic video by Patty Chang (Fountain, 1999) or an Orpheus-inspired installation by Felix Gonzales-Torres (Untitled (Orpheus, Twice), 1991), others gesture toward myth in more subtle ways, as do for example, Gerhard Richter’s mirrored installations and paintings.


* Artists can participate with painting, photography, or collage.

* The artwork has to be new and created exclusively for this specific contest.

* Artwork must be related to the title 'Inspired by Mythology'.

* Every piece of art submitted will need to be accepted by the curator, art gallery owner, and the jury to eliminate artworks that are not related to the title of the exhibition and not authentic.

* The jury consists of 3 people, with the winner chosen by a combination of a judging points system and public voting. Public votes will represent 25% and the points system 75%.

* At the end of exhibition and voting the top 3 artist winners will be awarded prizes as follows: 5000 L for the 1st 3000 L for the 2nd 2000 L for the 3rd.

* During the exhibition the artists will be able sell their art works. Haveli Gallery will collect 25% of the sales price as reimbursement of expenses.

* The artist may use up to 25 prims.

* Each artist can participate with one artwork.

* Deadline for submitting works is May 1st.

Works can be sent to Veekay Navarathna (gallery owner) or Audrey Cresci (curator).

Once accepted, The works will be on display for two months. The jury will conduct their survey of the works during that time.

* A notecard should be submitted with the artwork containing the title, media used, explanation of the work, and information about the artist to be included in the catalogue of the exhibition.

Sponsor of the Exhibition and Owner of the Gallery: Medley Art Group / Veekay Navarathna

Curator: Audrey Cresci

Jury: Audrey Cresci (Curator)

Asmita Duranjaya (Artists)

Hiawatha Runningbear (Gallerist)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And again: Meisterbastler with new Exhibitions plus Reading

The Meisterbastler sim, well known for its cultural events, hosts in April and May 2011 three new exhibitions and the opening on the 10th of April at 1pm SLT is decorated by a surprise reading of the author Miriam Evanier in the BookCorner. The exhibitions take place in the Meisterbastler Gallery, where Natsha Lemton shows her graceful animated pictures,

in the BookCorner, where Asmita Duranjaya shows new collages with a touch of Asia,

and along the river, where the same artist has placed eight animated sculptures for a contemplative artwalk.

A nice occasion to spend your Sunday time.

Migina Miklos with "Piece of Life" in the Starbase Gallery

The huge orb of Starbase-Gallery of the DIW (Deutsche Info-Welt) has a new exhibition starting from Saturday 9th of April 2011. Migina Miklos, a German artist and builder, who has also participated in the Art Maze 2011 at Zindra, shows her new work "Piece of Life". It consists of a large cave-system with magical places, mythological boats, several layers with waft of mist, fantasy plants and on the top with a space layer and some newly found planets. The visit of this huge installation promises all kinds of immersive experiences and fun. The opening is at 1pm SLT.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

SHRINES at PiRats Art Network

SHRINES is a multi-sensual installation created by Asmita Duranjaya for an exhibition at the inworld art gallery PiRats in March 2011. Eight walkable shrines show each one animated artwork accompanied by a short sound-collage. The author Miriam Evanier has created a haiku for every artwork. This is read for the visitor when he clicks on a book. The book can be bought. It includes the artwork and the haiku. Available is also a book-display including and showing all the artwork plus the haiku on touch.

Explanation on "haiku" by Miriam Evanier: Haiku form originated as a section of Japanese linking poems and now is loosely interpreted in countless other languages, usually with hinged imagery and usually as three lines alternating units of 5-7-5. In English, that unit is the syllable.
The opening for this one month exhibition is on the 15th of March at 1pm SLT. See you there!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Two New Art Shows on Sunday 6th of March

... at 1pm SLT in Sedona Island in two galleries:
1. oona Eiren in Asmita's UnderWaterGallery with the show "Captain Nemo in Pension" - an UnderWaterInstallation. This exhibition shows a stranded, but walkable barge and some of its interior in the typical grunge style of oona Eiren surrounded by the coral reef of the newly rebuilt underwater gallery on Asmita's land. Visitors can try to find the treasure box hidden in the ship.
2. Asmita Duranjaya in the ArtSanctuary with the shows "Going Fractal", animated and unanimated fractal pictures, vases and pots, fractal trees and non-fractal animated sculptures in a garden under the gallery skybox. The hunt for treasures is continued here. Slurls for the galleries:
All art lovers in Second Life are cordially invited to enjoy these installations.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

oona is going machinima

If somebody wants to get a better understanding of oona Eiren's virtual surrealistic grunge art, he can visit the above mentioned website showing her first conclusive machinima - a visual and sonic highlight!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Art and Charity - a good Example

Huntress Catteneo has organised an exceptional art show on her sim Eclectic Diversity. Every artist has created an artwork (sculpture, painting, photo, animation) with concern to the flood and its victims in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brasil, Australia and The Philippines and the visitors can donate and help the Red Cross to rebuild the areas and to care for needy persons. It is a great idea to present art and to make it a charity event at the same time. So please come and help!
Asmita Duranjaya's build is an original Sri Lankan dagoba where the visitor can light a candle, hear and read a prayer and meditate and pray for the victims. The visitors get as a freebie five Sri Lankan masks to wear. So don't miss that.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Really Something Exceptional

... can be seen in the DID Gallery Starbase in February/March 2011: Tani Thor and Aloiso Congrejo have handpainted a black and white city with all details and used these textures for their new installation "Paint City" in the giant gallery orb. As a contrast the two artists show colourful paintings, photographs and sculptures in the black and white rooms of the houses and on the street. This handmade environment encourages the own phantasy to create something similar, even if it may not have the airiness and elegance of Tani's and Aloisio's drawing technique. The opening on Saturday, 12th of February, at 1pm SLT is a part of the general sim festival on Saturday. So there will be enough attraction for everybody's taste: From 12am a romantic LiveConcert with the female singer Janice Mills and from 1pm DanceParty with DJane Moonie.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Four Times Art - Kinetics, Sculptures, Nude Paintings and Literature

Next Sunday , the 30th of January at 1pm SLT starts a small art festival on the Meisterbastler sim.
Visitors can choose between an exhibition in the gallery by Gleman Jun with the title "Randomness as a Form of Art", Corcosman Vooms sculptures, which are placed along the river flowing through the main village and the small gallery of Asmita Duranjaya with her recently finished expressive digital nude paintings.

This gallery is in the BookCorner, where the journalist Miriam Evanier has arranged a reading of poetry at 1:30pm SLT. "The Daemon Lover" is the title of a 30 minutes short story by Shirley Jackson. It is read by the voice of the author.

The art walk along the river is a new attraction on the awsome Meisterbastler sim created by the head of Meisterbastler Zewe Major. The visitors can enjoy the nice landscape, the atmosphere of the small city, the shopping arcades and pass from time to time one of Corcosman's funny or serious sculptures.

At last they can visit the gallery some steps away and enjoy the interactivity of Gleman's admirable kinetic art objects, which are permanently changing, either through the hand of the visitor or through an inbuilt script.
The Meisterbastler sim construction consists of 6 sims and all are accessible on a horse, in a bus, or by walk and tp.
You will feel like in the Bavarian Alps in Germany. See you there!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Artist Settles the Moon: Artefact or Habitat?

By Miriam Evanier
A review of Oona Eiren’s Let’s Settle the Moon
The Gallery Starbase of the DiD/Deutsche InfoWelt (151, 133, 4025)
“Oona, given the chance, would you really travel to the moon?”
“In a heartbeat.”
Oona Eiren (r. 7 Oct. 2009) owns the moon. She travelled there in a rusty trailer, or maybe on sound waves, and she has made it her very own. Discover the evidence yourself by visiting her satellite exhibit at The Gallery Starbase.

In the middle of a blue-dark city sits the grungy trailer, outgrowing itself with ramps to a few more trailers, each an odd mix of function and décor. There are signs of habitation, but they seem artefacts, overgrown with rust. You’re alone, but activity surrounds you. The environment calls out with formulas to study and experiments to conduct. Everything turns and changes. Touch a horn on the sound generator and combine sounds from a menu. In line drawings, displayed like graffiti, an odd assortment of inventors wield diverse inventions—inventions within inventions. Some of the drawn images form capsules that float off the page and drift away, becoming travellers in space, themselves. Teleport to the exhibit’s second level, the lunar surface with geysers of smoke and flame (or some stranger change of phase) and more trailers, filled with the symbols of science and cartography. Notice a fantastic carousel of two butterflies, each impaled above a casing that holds a passenger (yes, of course, two can ride it). Again, everything turns, with detailed attention to modes of music and visual art, against a harsh and antipoetic background.
How do we confront an alien environment? We dig in and start solving problems. We map. We keep all our notes so we can compare new observations to what we already know, or think we know. This art rewards your exploration by revealing reference points and resonances, shape and unity, everything we need for habitation.
(On the moon’s surface, don’t miss Oona Eiren’s trade-mark steam-punk top-hats on display. Also visit her own gallery Trailer Trash (Urban Retreat) Contemporary Outsider Art, at the New Boston Art Colony (14, 103, 751).)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Bang at the Beginning of the Year 2011

Since some time no new blog has been published here. The reason is, that a lot of artists have been very busy with a huge art event of an international dimension, participating in the recent Art Maze project in Second Life with 31 artists and sections on 4 adult sims. Asmita Duranjaya has got the chance to create section 32 and inspired by her trip to Turkey, she has built an installation with the title "Between Orient and Occident", using textures based on photos during that journey.
The task has been to build an installation between given tube entrances and exits, which marked the specific section. At last it should be possible to walk through all sections without getting lost. The opening for this great event, hosted by Ginette Pinazzo and her crew, is on the 21st of January and it will be open until the 30th. The visitors get free art maze t-shirts, a coffee cup and in every sections different freebies and they can enjoy on a walk the artistic variety and richness of art, represented by more or less famous artists in Second Life, like Juanita Deharo, Fuschia Nightfire, RAG Randt, Binary Quandry, oona Eiren, Silene Christen, Migina Mikos, Penelope Parx, Davideo Zelnik, BukTom Bloch, Ub Yifu, Martazul Zemlja, Tani Thor, Aloisio Congrejo, Corcosman Voom, Sabra Hemingway, Bawnie Bachman, Neeks Karu, Temperance Hax, Brie Pinazzo, Dekka Raymaker, Weard Welty, Bady Boozehound Laurence Mapp, Second Renoir, Huntress Cattaneo, Tour Spoonhammer, Shjak Monde, Resje Bailey, emilio Charisma and Nicci Winsmore.

Pre-opening party of the three "neighbours" Juanita Deharo, oona Eiren and Asmita Duranjaya

The virtual book on the left shows some impressions on a walk through the maze.

Virtuelle Welten