Sunday, December 30, 2012

Art Auction - Charity Event for Haya

the small deaf-born baby-girl from Sri Lanka. All the details are listed on an Indiegogo-page and many thanks to the SL inhabitants, who have already sponsored this project in order to get money for implants, which the girl needs to be able to learn how to speak.
Today at 2pm SLT Space 4 Art is going to start an art auction. For one month art lovers can bid for a favorite artwork. The highest bidder will get the work at last. 33 artists have sponsored a picture or a sculpture for free and here we publish the list; the place of the auction is Asmita's ArtStudio with a gallery building and a surrealist nature environment:
Outside you will find:
Trill Zapatero has sposnsored one
of her beautiful FUSE lamps

1.  Treacle Darlandes: Lonely Winter Nights
2.  Winter Nightfire: Home
3.  Trill Zapatero: FUSE Lamp
4.  Roland Teichmann: Frog Fountain
5.  Pol Jarvinen: I hate Rubik's Cube
6.  kjs Yip: Origin of an abstract Ambience
7.  Tani Thor: Fiore de metallo
8.  Celestine Ghiardie: Ice Reindeer
9.  ChapTer Kronfeld: Family
10. kirle Adamski: organic
11. Kayly Iali: Golden Red Abstract
12. Mathilde Varghon: Winter Remnants
13. Lilia Artis: Dreamscape
14. RAG Randt: Feet
15. Scottius Polke: Green-Purple Turtle
16. Cecilia Delacroix: Chihuly Seattle No. 3
17. Haveit Neox: Living Pillar
18. Milly Sharple: Blue Petals
Inside the house you will find:
Some of the pieces in the 1st floor

1st Floor:
1.  JudiLynn India: This is Love
2.  MellowDee: Dancing Waves II
3.  Molina Rhode: Reflections in the Night
4.  Xirana Oximoxi: Norway 3
5.  Sisi Biedermann: Two Poppies

2nd floor impressions

2nd Floor:
1.  FirleFanz Roxley: Broken Dreams
2.  Asmita Duranjaya: BambooMeditation
3.  Moe Sandalwood: Hot Afternoon
4.  Asperix Asp: Abstract Dreams 6

Artwork on the top floor
3rd Floor:
1. Aneli Abeyante: Quadrillage
2. creativesam India: Folk Step
3. Masako: Going Home
4. Penelope Parx: Writing...1
5. Louly Loon: She Dreams of Paradise
6. Samina Mortensen: Silver World

The art pieces are distributed all over the place and can be discovered by the visitors. 

The well known singer Phideaux Mayo will perform 3 songs to introduce this charity action.
Space 4 Art wishes all friends, contributors, participants, artists and visitors a Happy New Year!

Today 1pm Space 4 Art

Please join us for the winners announcement of the art contest AMBIENCE on Sunday 30th 2012 at 1pm SLT:

The curator has been Asmita Duranjaya; in addition the jury members were Moe Sandalwood, Lilia Artis, ChapTer Kronfeld and Pol Jarvinen as external judge. Thanks to all the financial and mental co-sponsors of this contest.
There has been a public voting period of 4 weeks. The results have been added to the jury-voting and according to that kjs Yip has won the first prize, Louly Loon the second and Winter Nightfire the third. Congratulation for the winners, but also for all other artists, who have participated and enriched the exhibition with their highly qualified artwork. 

Louly Loon's 'La Buveuse'
Generally the voting should be seen as a game and the fact, that somebody does not win, does never mean, that the artwork is bad and not appreciated. To refer to a topic is always a challenge and the jury members and the public voters are humans with a special taste, pre-experience and imagination and try their best to vote in a fair way by the help of the art grader of Gee. Nobody should be disappointed, if he or her does not get one of the first 3 prizes. There will be more occasions to participate in contests and it is always a new chance.
Winter Nightfire's 'Home'

Hopefully all can keep this contest in memory as a positive experience.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Shiny Sim

Slightly Twisted, the sim of Katz Jupiter presents itself this winter season in a shiny fantasy design - enjoy some pictures taken with different sky settings at this webpage.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Re-Opening of Space 4 Art

Opening Space 4 Art Sim
December 9, 2012
10am to 4pm SLT

Dear Friends of Space 4 Art,
on 9th of December this year we will re-open our art sim Space 4 Art. 
Lilia Artis, ChapTer Kronfeld, Moeuhane Sandalwood and Asmita Duranjaya share a sim and the intention to make it a permanently attractive place for the presentation of RL and SL art. 
Besides our own artwork we host galleries and exhibition areas for artist friends in residence and guest artists. 

The actual artists in residence are:
Moewe Winkler, kjs Yip and BukTom Bloch 
Sisi Biedermann, Andy Burroughs, John Bleriot and Graine McBaine 
Masako/Soraya Till, Xirana Oximoxi, Kayly Iali, Mathilde Vhargon and Moeuhane Sandalwood 
Cecilia Delacroix, Celestine Ghiardie, Louly Loon, Haveit Neox, Lilia Artis 

The program of the opening day:

★ Opening of the exhibition: "Chihuly's Gardens of Glass. A Photographic Tribute" by Cecilia Delacroix
- 10 am SLT  

★ Opening of the art contest exhibition "Ambience" and start of voting, with Music by DJ Moe
- 10:45 am SLT

=>>> Start of the sim excursion, Ground Level: 

★ Asmita's "Voynich Plaza"
- 11:30am SLT

★ Lilia Artis and Moeuhane  Sandalwood with special guest artists Haveit Neox and Harter Fall
- 11:50am SLT

- 12:30pm SLT

=>>> Sim excursion, Sky Levels:

- 12:50pm SLT

★ Artwood Gallery District
- 1:10pm SLT: Visit of Driftwood Gallery 

 ★ Asmita's Art Studio Hydro
- 1:50pm SLT

★ Visit of the Sky 4 Art Gallery
- 2:10pm SLT

★ 3:00pm SLT: Final dance party and fireworks.

Visitors, who still have enough energy can visit the Moeseum with a huge art collection of SL artists and other artwork in the Artwood Gallery District.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

ChapTer Kronfeld in the MBK Gallery

in December 2012/January 2013.
The work of this German artist is not for easy consuming. It can be perceived as odd, strange, idiosyncratic or even provocative. But this is at the same time the interesting part of ChapTer's work. It is not mainstream and inspires the visitor to use his brain.
Join our opening at 1pm SLT on 2nd of December and enjoy the dance party with DJ Moe. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Asmita invites Plato to the Festival of Love 2012

Asmita's installation shows the cave parable by Plato

12 SL artists present an installation during the Festival of Love, organised by a community of  German SL art activists. The topic this year has been 'Light and Shadow'. The participating artists got a whole sim for their creations and the result is very interesting and worth a visit. ChapTer Kronfeld, Moe Sandalwood, Harter Fall have been the initiators of the project and invited Louly Loon, Hermine, Penelope Parx, Asmita Duranjaya, Moewe Winkler, Xirana Oximoxi, Lilia Artis, Samina Mortensen and Roland Teichmann to participate and share the sim space. The opening of the sim exhibition will take place at 16:00 MET on Saturday 19th.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Space 4 Art

is important. No doubts. I had just finished a new poster with an overview picture of the Space 4 Art sim. Then the message came on last Tuesday, that there are 24 hours left only, to pack all the things and leave the place. In the first moment it feels like paralysed, state of shock. Then a kind of manic actions starts, sending ims, ncs and emails. Final result: no chance, you have to leave. The landlord has disappeared. No chance to contact him. There has not been any prewarning. But there are more people, artists in Second Life, who have lost their place in a similar way; that's small comfort. Hectic action, saving the roos, returning the rental fee to the artists in residence, informing them and returning the objects of the ones, who are not present at the moment. Night shift for a strategic withdrawal. The inventory creeks and bursts. Panic land search. We are three people: will this split up our community? First we need a small spot for the most important things. Everybody of us had recent projects running and for everybody the sim loss came at the worst imaginable time. Meeting two days later: Space 4 Art should not die, we try to survive the month of October, try to recover from our loss of money (prepaid tiers) and look continuously for a new reliable sim (as far as possible). Deadline is end of October. Space 4 Art will be reborn in its usual shape and with all the energy and service like before. Great. In the meantime I offer free space on my temporary land at Bubblegum for 12 artists. I hope everybody will understand, that not all Space 4 Art artists will find a temporary spot there. But please keep us in mind and stay with us on our new sim in November. Thank you for all the solidarity and empathy - it is the best, what can happen in such a situation. Yes, Space 4 Art is important. Asmita

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Red Umbrella

is a special exhibition by Asmita Duranjaya in the months of October and November, exclusively created for the Meisterbastler Gallery (MBK), where Asmita works as a curator since long time. "I have never shown my work here, but I take the chance, because one artist for the October show has become sick and so I took the chance to show my Red Umbrella pictures here," says the the artist and explains, that those pictures have been created due to the season in Europe. But also the composition of pictures with this extremely red umbrella as one element has been a challenge and Asmita spent hours to find picturesque sims and interesting inworld sceneries. The main actor on the photos is an avi, dressed like a person next door and not styled in a manieristic way, like often in Second Life. It looks purposely 'normal', maybe cartoonish, but aren't all avis at last cartoon-figures? The inworld photos have been afterprocessed with several graphic software and are shown either as flat 2D-pictures or as 3D-installations, enhanced with inworld-objects and techniques. 
The opening for this show will take place at the 7th of October at 1pm and is framed by the lovely music of Djane Miriam.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Asmita Duranjaya

is 'Lost in 3D' and shows during September 2012 some 3D-installations on the Munich sim in Bell's Kulturcafe, run by Libellchen Schimer. The exhibition is a cross-section of the style-variety and the virtual features used by the artist in her inworld artwork. Most of the shown pieces have an interactive component, either they tell you a poem, they start to make sound and noises, when you approch or you can sit inside the picture frame becoming a part of the art scenery. The opening will take place on Sunday 12am SLT.

Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis

and their show 'Fleeting Captivities' will start on Saturday, the 1st of September on the Space 4 Art sim. The opening party is hold at 1pm SLT. Lilia will read her winner story in Asmita Duranjaya's art contest around her installation 'Destruction'. Asmita and reinhold Apfelbaum will perform their NeonDrumDance followed by a reading of the story invented by Haveit and Lilia as a kind of red line for their new installation. Both have created an environment, Haveit in the former URBAN Gallery and Lilia in the UnderWaterGallery; both galleries are connected with a long cananlisation tube. All has a mysterious look and the story behind will bring some light into the art installations.DJ Moe will spin his animating tunes and the visitors can relax after a long walk through the exhibitions.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Mandala Contest on the Space 4 Art Sim

has come to an end and all artists have been awarded with a book edition of the contest entries and a voucher. 

However three artists could take home the 1000, 700 and 300 LL according to the public and jury voting with the artist mandalas, shown at the left:

- Thoth Anubis convinced with his crossmedia mandala, integrating a web-video including sound.
- Theda Tammas had created a colorful rotating mandala and
- MellowDee used very interesting textures.

The organisator Asmita Duranjaya thanked the jury members Louly Loon and Sheba Blitz, herself a mandala artist, for their work and the result was celebrated with a dance party, virtual champaign and cold cuts on the rooftop terrace of the Sky 4 Art Gallery.

Most of the artist mandalas can be bought now and the exhibition will remain until the end of this month.

The book can be seen on the left.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Threesomes by Winter Nightfire

Winter Nightfire shows new artwork grouped in three pieces in the Meisterbastler-Gallery, run by Zewe Major and curated by Asmita Duranjaya. The vibrant, vivid style of Winter with smooth and warm colors can attract the visitor immediately, be it abstract or semi abstract work. The opening takes place on Sunday the 5th of August as usual at 1pm SLT and the music is played by DJ Moe. The exhibition can be seen until the end of September.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Gathering of Sky-Women

Katz Jupiter is the owner and art director of a sim called Slightly Twisted. From time to time she chooses certain topics and asks artists to create contributions to those topics; these contributions are then arranged in a holistic concept and the whole sim becomes a showcase. This time the topic is described by the creator as follows: 'This show is an immersive sim wide show featuring the monumental work by artists Asmita, Louly, Lilia, Fuschia, Trill and myself Katz.  I approached each of these artists to create a piece focused on a selected goddesses from different cultures around the world.  The common denominator of all of the ones featured is they were all responsible for creating the world or aspects of the world in which we live in (elements, animals).  
The inspiration for this show is derived from the work of Judy Chicago' and her iconic installation 'The Dinner Party' in which she selected women to honor for their contribution to history; women whose contribution have sometimes been ignored.  See: .
For this exhibition and the bringing together of these goddesses is a rememberance of sorts of women who at one time figured largely in the creation stories of their respective cultures but with the passage of time their role and their stories have been largely  ignored or re-written to their exclusion.
This show not only honors these women and their stories but also asks viewers to consider 'what would their reaction be to the current state of the world' relative to the ecological inbalance that is apparent.  What would they talk about?  Would they have solutions?  
Each of the works were commissioned seperately and the works completed without knowledge of what the others were creating, however all of the completed works compliment each others.  These are stunning works.'
To get some impressions, please view the slide-show at the left, but the better idea is to visit the sim and to explore its spots: .

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sledge Roffo: My Last Solo Exhibit

Sledge Roffo shows his colorful, tastefully scripted and animated work, paintings and sculptures in the MBK Gallery in June and July 2012. Whether the title of his presentation is a fact or has only a symbolic meaning, we can find out in a personal chat with the artist at this evening.
The opening will start on Sunday, 10th at 1pm SLT like always and will be introduced by a short Theremin concert, performed by Asmita Duranjaya, the curator.
Our approved DJane Miriam Evanier will provide the musical background for the rest of the opening party. Come and enjoy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Space 4 Art

has crashed last Sunday and you can take it for a good or a bad sign, but fact is, that too many avis (80) stressed the capacity of this new sim dedicated to the art(s), which is from now officially open for the public. A four hours program introduced the guests to the variety and richness of artistic options on the sim. It started with the opening of Moe Sandalwoods exhibition "reflected rorschach" in the UnderWaterGallery, accompanied by a Theremin concert by Asmita Duranjaya, the curator and one of the sim based artists beside ChapTer Kronfeld and Migina Miklos. Asmita showed her own new installation after this opening. It is called "Destruction" and is a puzzle at the same time with a solution word, that guides to a task for a new contest. 
Next step was to take an artwalk through ChapTer Kronfelds gallery. 
One of the highlights of the event was the winners announcement ceremony for the contest "Virtual Minimalism". The first three winners, who got 3000, 2000 and 1000 LL, were Gleman Jun with his work "Creatures", Harter Fall with "Lines and Frames" and Professor Bimbogami with "Pervasive Space": 
The jury decided to show the first 16 voting winners for another month on the rooftop of the Space 4 Art Gallery.
Some of the 24 artists of the Space 4 Art Gallery (Masako/Soraya Till, Kayly Iali, Reezy Frequency, Moe Sandalwood, Graine Macbaine, Walt Ireton, Sheba Blitz, Holy13 Writer, Louly Loon, Synapse Joubert, Fae Varriale, CreativeSam India, Edward Vintner, Lilia Artis, Celestine Ghiardie, Moewe Winkler, SandraLee Palianta, BukTom Bloch, Steffy Lavender, Bloo Ansar, kjs Yip, Winter Nightfire and Haveit Neox) have been present for a greet'n'meet action and guided the visitors through the spots with attractive and expressive artwork and photography. 
The event continued with a beach party and the fabulous DJane Miriam Evanier, who tried also to accompany the cheerleader group of Steffy Lavender, who increased the lag a bit with its animations, leading to a one hour sim crash.
But last not least the planned program has been continued with an atmospheric English poetry reading of the German author Lilia Artis:
At the end of the eventful hours a magic firework illuminated the sky over Space 4 Art.
Thanks to all participants and the sponsors Migina and ChapTer for helping to make this event a success.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sim and Gallery Opening of Space 4 Art 20th of May 2012

The following program,organised by curator and artist Asmita Duranjaya will start at 11am SLT and end at 3pm SLT.
There will be new art exhibitions, concerts and poetry readings, a dance show and a beach party with DJane.
All the 24 artists of the Space 4 Art Gallery have updated their gallery spots and will be around for meet'n'greet. The 33 pieces of the contest Virtual Minimalism on the rooftop are presented the last time and the winners announcement will be one highlight of the opening. ChapTer Kronfeld and Asmita Duranjaya have also updated their galleries and created new shows for the opening as well as Migina Miklos, the third artist on the sim, who is a master of landscaping and specialised in building large cave systems with some surprises for the visitor. All together the interested guest can enjoy a lot of awesome spots and events and the detailed program shows the variety of this four hours event:

- Opening UnderWater Gallery Exhibition "reflected rorschach" by Moe Sandalwood with 2 water-poems and 3 Theremin-music_pieces (11am SLT)
- Opening of Asmita's Exhibition "Destruction"  (11:30am SLT)
   with puzzle and contest action by Asmita (12am SLT)   
- ChapTer Kronfeld's Exhibition in his Gallery (12:30 am SLT)
- Winners Announcement Contest Virtual Minimalism (1pm SLT)
- Dance Party (1:30 pm SLT) with DJane Miriam
- Cheerleading Show with Steffy Lavender (2pm SLT)
- Lilia Artis Poetry Reading (2:30pm SLT)
- Fireworks (3pm SLT)
All the time:
- meet'n'greet with every gallery artist
- visit Migina's land of caves and surprises
- hunt for treasures with a map

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Game On - Asmita Duranjaya at PiRats in Second Life

A review of Asmita Duranjaya’s art installation Librarium Arboris Pirats galerie, February 2012 by Miriam Evanier

Why teleport through magic doors at an art exhibition?  Because we can!  Librarium Arboris reveals an artist who, with open arms, shares her delight in this world’s special magic.  Zoom out.  Zoom in.  Fly.  Play.  Serious and honest art withstands our close study and even our celebration in the experience.  Let’s enter. 

From one leafy sphere to the next, we travel an enormous tree, through themes that have compelled the artist:  fashion to abstraction, color to shape . . . each linked with an artbook and an RL artist quotation.  These quotations are key to solving the puzzle.  For an artist, writer, and educator who also designs books, the integration of books in this installation and elsewhere comes naturally.  Here, the lushly textured books guide, inform and entertain.  Turn off the stream and enable media for your tour, because Asmita’s art also communicates with sound and action. 

What to wear?  Dozens of self-portrait cutouts in couture clothing populate the fashion section of the tree.   Central to the cutouts, a seamstress’ torso topped by a shopping bag spins while dollar bills and coins swirl around it.  Chick-ching!  The similarity of these figures to paper dolls strikes this viewer as both amusing and polemical.  Asmita conveys the limitations of a virtual medium and examines the economic engines that pervade our world.  The presence of a sewing machine and the mechanical sounds suggest industry.

Abstract art.  The nearly tactile nature of the textures lining this globe balances the abstraction of shapes and colors.  Stalactites swing and flex from the globe’s domed ceiling like strands of an enormous paintbrush, loaded thick with paints.

Color.  Thick, tooth-like stalagmites encircle a blue pool.  Piercing colors demonstrate compatibility of the additive RGB model with the mechanics of the human eye.  Sensitive to these primary colors, the eye also uses light to perceive and interpret reality (and virtuality), so here onscreen art has an advantage over real paintings.

“I  paint with shapes,” each disembodied voice repeats.  Are these the voices of the artist and her colleagues?  No, they are computer generated, but clearly this artist endorses the statement.  The words, including “MEGAPRIM,” celebrate the art of building, in neon colors. 

The Solution Room.   We don’t want to give away the solution, but the prize merits participation, and the room, itself, surprises.  Chances are that it also surprised the artist.  This can happen—in fact, it must happen.  The behavior of physical objects, themselves, surprises.  With a little luck, you may recognize that your participation makes an important contribution to the art, itself. 

This is serious, important work, from an artist who values friendship and collaboration.  Congratulations to Asmita Duranjaya and to Pirats galerie owners and curators.  We all appreciate the work you do.  Thanks for sharing it, and in such a disarming way! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Art Contest "Virtual Minimalism" announced and curated by Asmita Duranjaya

As an introduction of the new Space 4 Art sim and the related galleries the curator Asmita Duranjaya announces an art contest with the title "Virtual Minimalism". Minimalism has been a specific art style in the 60ies and 70ies of the 20th century and the main features should also be considered in its virtual form, e.g. the reduction of all unimportant and the concentration on a minimum in shape, color and material or texture and surface.

The participants are free to choose a topic themselves, but also their virtual processing should refer to these features of reduction and simplifying. The maximum should be 10 prims and the artist is free to decide, whether to work in 2D or 3D. The maximum size should be 5x5x5. The work needs an expressive title and has to be sent to Asmita Duranjaya with copy/no trans plus an actual artist bio.

The pieces will be shown on the rooftop of the gallery building and as usual in my contests, there will be a public and a jury voting according to the criteria in a predefined art grader.
Price money up to now is
3000LL for the 1st,
2000LL for the 2nd and
1000LL for the 3rd winner
of the contest.
Every participant will also get a tiny compensation for his/her expenses.
Deadline is the 30th of April midnight MEZ (MiddleEuropeanTime).
The announcement of the winners will be on 20th of May 2012 at 1pm on the rooftop.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

reflected rorschach

is a new exhibition by Moeuhane Sandalwood in the UnderWaterGallery on the newly founded Space 4 Art sim.

Moeuhane himself has explained the background of his work: "The soul of man resembleth water. This is the beginning of a magnificent poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
Be it the calm waters of a lake, or a thunderstorm. Men has always searched for analogies for the state of his soul in the water.
The Swiss psychodiagnostic Hermann Rorschach published the so called “Rorschach test” in 1921. Better known as the inkblot-test it is still widely used by psychologists and psychiatrists. Interpreting the reactions to the pictures does help the therapist analyze the personality of their patients.
Moeuhane Sandalwood has taken several pictures of reflections on SL-waters. Those photographs were the base for his own interpretation of the “Rorschach cards”. They can serve the patron as a mirror to their soul.
The soul of man resembleth water: From heaven it cometh, To heaven it soareth. And then again to earth descendeth, changing ever. (…) Spirit of man, thou art like unto water! Fortune of man, thou art like unto wind! (Abbreviated, ‘Spirit Song over the Waters’, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1789)".
The opening of this exhibition will be part of the general opening of the sim and the Space 4 Art Gallery, but it is open from now and waiting for interested visitors:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heart on Holiday

Reezy Frequency shows her brilliant colorful work in the MBK Gallery in April and May 2012. She has transmogrified the mediaeval building into a magical and enchanting space, where the visitor can take a bath in shape and color. The opening will be on Sunday, the 15th of April at 1pm SLT, introduced by a short harp concert performance with harp pieces from the Middle Ages, Shakespeare's time and Benjamin Britten. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Sim Dedicated to the Arts planned by Asmita Duranjaya

Pic1: Asmita's tropical ambience.

It was Asmita Duranjaya, who had the idea to rent a complete sim dedicated to the arts only. Her longterm experience as a curator in several galleries in SL and her own experiences as an artist in SL, showing her art on numerous art sims and winning several SL  awards for installations and single pieces (UWA, Kelly Yap, ArtFest for FloodRelief, ArtMaze/Zindra, Pirats etc.) qualifies her to curate the newly built Space 4 Art Gallery. The 20 of the 24 spots were rented in one week and it shows the need for this type of small galleries for artists in Second Life. ChapTer Kronfeld on search for art space himself at that time, joined the idea to share a sim and as a third person the landscape artist Migina Miklos joined at last and all three artists together realised it to rent one sim and to share it on the basis of equality and respect. 

Migina's mountain landscape.
The piece of land, where the big gallery stands now, is financed by renting out those small spots and if there would be any profit from the tips etc, it would go into art events like competitions, festivals etc. This concept seems to be more convincing than the general LEA idea of giving sims to single artists or groups to share them for a limited time only. As could be noticed until now, the idea to patch sims together without any concept of intersection leads to eyesores and is not at all artistic in itself. The concept of the new art sim could guide to a longer partnership of artists, who work not only on their artwork, but also on an adequate ambience to present it. Another question is the financing. This might be discussed another time ...

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Art Sim in Second Life

Opposite to the recent tendency in Second Life to close art places, we are bold enough to open a new art venture on our newly founded sim with the name Space 4 Art. Except of our own galleries we offer art space with reasonable conditions to artists of all directions and styles and we invite all to inspect the place and maybe to join our art community to present artwork in a futuristic gallery concept by ChapTer Kronfeld. Please come to have a look at
Space 4 Art has been founded some days back in March 2012. In the gallery on the groupland 50 prims can be used for 150 LL per week. This is compared to recent conditions in Second Life a very reasonable price. The sim and the group are run by 3 artists themselves, Asmita Duranjaya, ChapTer Kronfeld and Migina Miklos. The benefits for group members are:
- Support in questions concerning the presentation of their work;
- regular advertisement in 15 art groups;
- integration in the Art Gallery kiosk system of Sasun Steinbeck and the gallery tour hud;
- regular announcements of specific events on the art blog of Asmita Duranjaya, ChapTer Kronfeld and in the Second Life event calendar:
- additional events like art contests, live performances, art parties...
The art team of the sim Space 4 Art is happy to get the chance to build with its new art sim and gallery an interesting and motivating art community and hopes that the participating artists can take a maximum of success from the community.
Still a lot has to be done on the sim and it will need some time until the opening event can be planned; probably it will take place end of April or in May. The curator of the gallery, Asmita Duranjaya, would like to organise a new art contest, but the topic is still a secret.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Merlina Rokocoko - HOPE in the MBK Gallery

There is no need to introduce Merlina Rokocoko, the always friendly and restless working PiRats Curator. And that she is also a great abstract artist, has been shown in the past in several galleries in Second Life. For her exhibition in the MBK Gallery she has chosen the topic HOPE, compatible with her and PiRats general situation and her wish to continue the great service for a huge number of artists. That PiRats will be closed has been avoided for the moment, but all have still to work on the permanency of this status. So it is clear, that the profit taken of this show will go to the survival effort of the PiRats network too. The pictures, shown by Merlina express in strong colors the intensity of her emotional encouragement for her art, the idea of PiRats and for the world as a whole. Opening party: 1pm SLT on Sunday, 12th of February 2012.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

MBK BookCorner and TinyGallery restructured

The MBK BookCorner or in German LeseEcke and its small gallery has been restructured by the MBK curator and artist Asmita Duranjaya.

The visitor can enjoy the five 3D-pages of the Ayurvedic Book, which has been part of the UWA sky sim exhibition Between Orient and Occident.

Asmita shows some of her abstract pictures from the PiRats show Librarium Arboris and soon there will be some author readings, probably bilingual in the newly built room.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Asmita at PiRats again

Asmita's PiRats show in February 2012 shows a huge old tree on a huge ancient book. In the tree basis there are teleport-doors (left-click twice!), which lead to the treetop. Four art orbs in the treetop with the topics fashion, abstract, color and shape wait for the visitor to be discovered with the eyes and the ears and interactively as well (click, click). The 5th room is a solution room, looking like a gamble casino. Solution of what? Asmita has a fondness for riddles or puzzles as the UWA sky exhibition has shown. That does not mean, that she wants to be educative or to give lectures, no, it means only a favorisation of a didactical tool. Puzzles can be fun, even if some art lovers feel disturbed in their perception of their expected artistic 'purity'. But stereotypes and prejudices have never been the basis of the arts. Why not to combine elements of entertaining perception, the art view and the gaming and puzzle perspective? Some people like to have a brainy guidance through art exhibitions instead of sneaking through the inextricable chaos of the artistic inner personality more or less expressed in a mysterious private language of color and/or shape. All direct and indirect art enthusiasts in Second Life should not forget, that they are at last in a game as well, a serious and highly technologized game, but they all have learned, how to navigate through a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game) world. So what? Why not to get some puzzle food beside perceiving an art show? Another problem, that has to be sorted out, are the basic skills, which everybody needs in navigating through SL. Clicking is one of the elementary abilities of computer games since the times of Atari. So it is really a puzzle, why some of those art aficionados are not able to open a simple teleport door with clicking twice and blame then the artist, who uses this tool in his artwork. If I cannot see mesh buildings, because my viewer is not able to process them, I cannot blame the creator of those builds. It is my decision to install a mesh viewer and so it is the 'challenge' for people interested in discovering an art installation to care for the basic capability to enjoy that. All the art lovers, who are capable of using teleport doors and who find fun in solving puzzles are cordially invited to Asmita's new show "Librarium Arboris". As a reward the finders of the correct solution will get a really nice gift with the same combination of art and puzzle. As a highlight of the opening Asmita and her VIP (Virtual Instrument Players) partner reinhold Apfelbaum will perform a neon-drum-dance. Have fun and click well!

Friday, January 13, 2012

UWA SKY SIM SERIES (JAN): Between Orient & Occident (Asmita, ChapTer, Louly)

Happy about all the attention we got in blogs and verbally inworld, we decided to celebrate a 2nd party event around our uwa-sky exhibition on Sunday 22nd at 1pm SLT in the entrance area. Also our team member Louly Loon can join this time and we will present some follow-ups on our show, especially 3 documentary movies on the 3 installations and a mixed program with music and dance with Asmita, reinhold, Miriam and Uri as well as readings with ChapTer and Louly. The exact program will be published in the art groups in SL asap.
Thanks for all the Web- and blog-comments and entrances on the exhibition up to now:

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