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Sri Lankan Artists in OSGrid

In the New Year I am going to document the creation of my new virtual presence in OSGrid. Daily I am working step by step to bring my items from SL to my new sims, six normal sized (256x256) and one var-sim (nine regions of 256x256). Soon I will post an overview, but today I want to start with the reconstruction of the temple gallery for my artist friends in Sri Lanka, Sujeewa Kumari and Sanjeewa Kumara, whom I could not visit this year in real because of corona. I want to thank also Kyoko, who will give the work of both artists a home in Second Life (slurl will be published soon). Sujeewa's and Sanjeewa's work is on display in my region called MarketPlace, where I present for a preview my gallery buildings, sold in SL marketplace (Spectaclum Artis ): x-grid-info://osgrid/region/MarketPlace/135/118/24 . All the buildings will be filled with art, some with my own work and some with pieces of invited artist friends. Please tel

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