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The ArtSim interstellART In Second Life is the so called slurl for a sim, which has been dedicated to the arts from the first beginning. Owned by artist and curator Asmita Duranjaya it is standing for a special concept to present art, which will be explained here: 1. The sim-basis is the home of the cyber-art created by Asmita Duranjaya; it shows surreal fractal cyber-landscapes and some galleries with art-pieces for sale and pieces of Asmita's huge art-collection:

Four gallery-buildings on the sim-basis contain art-pieces of cyber-artist Asmita Duranjaya.

The UfoGallery presents cyber-art with pieces of the huge art-collection of Asmita.
Also a piece of art: Asmita's virtual version of the famous Cray 1 - computer The underwater-cave made by Silas Merlin shows Asmita's "Fossile Artifacts"
2. The 2nd layer is a desert-landscape on level 1000, where 15 artists in residence live and contribute with their work not only to the financial welfare…

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