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Art At Home - interstellART

Xmas-time is the period for gifts and virtual worlds are no exception. A gift can be seen as more precious, when the receiver would not have bought it himself for diverse reasons, but has secretly wished to do so. Art is perfect for those type of gifts.  The art community of interstellART with 18 active artists wanted to make it easier  for visitors to choose an art gift by showing artwork on a wall in home-sceneries, because many pictures are bought to ornament the virtual homes of the inhabitants of virtual worlds.  The result is a corporate exhibition, that shows an interesting variety in style and design. Direct links to the artist-studios help the visitors with the orientation on the sim with its different levels and galleries, created and maintained by the sim-owner, artist and gallerist Asmita Duranjaya. Exhibiting artists are: June Clavenham, Claude Belgar, Elle Thorkveld, Sheba Blitz, lalie Sorbet, Celestine Ghiardie, Fluer Heartsdale, Giselle Seeker, Fuyuko Amano/Wintergeist, i…

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