Thursday, December 24, 2015

When Art Rises From Words on Space 4 Art

The last exhibition on the Space 4 Art sim organised by Asmita Duranjaya and insofar a farewell: 8 artists visualize 9 poems of the SL poet RoseDrop Rust; the result can be seen on a giant tree with platforms made by Mason Woller. Some of the unique art pieces are for sale and there is also a gatcha-machine, where visitors can buy a drink and hope to get instead one of the unique pieces made by artists of this exhibition. The show is open from now and can be visited until end of January.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lusus Saule in the MBK Gallery

15th of Nov 2015 at 1pm SLT in the MBK Gallery Lusus Saule will present his art in a new style. The black&white pictures merge the virtual world and the so called reality. The artist, who is a successful DJ in SL too, will spin his tunes for the opening. Cordial invitation!

Sunday, November 8, 2015


on Friday 6th of November 2015 we had a nice bellydance-party at Space 4 Art from 1pm SLT until 4:30. Antroza won the outfit-contest with a very expressive dress. Here are some photos of the event:

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lichtspuren / traces of light by Asmita Duranjaya : Asmita Duranjaya shows her new exhibition "Lichtspuren (traces of light)" in the new UnderWaterGallery at Space 4 Art. The pictures are made with a special technique on a tablet. Cordial invitation. Enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Opening Event in the MBK Gallery

on Sunday, 11th of October 2015, at 1pm SLT => Samara Barzane shows "Images of Japan" in her individual collage-style. She has created a fusion of Japanese and medieval atmosphere in the MBKGallery with pastel colors in contrast with the heavy stone walls of the old market-hall.The exhibition is open from 1st of September 2015 for 2 months: .

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Space 4 Tango

Saturday 30th of August 2015 at 1pm SLT in the Milonga on the Space 4 Art sim with Joaquin Gustav live and a fashion contest around the topic tango:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Space 4 Jazz & Blues

Yesterday the 1st dance-event in the new dance-venue at the Space 4 Art sim has been a success and a fun party. DJ Lusus spun Jazz & Blues oldies and the guests could dance and chat for 2 hours under the full moon and surrounded by awesome art and art galleries. There will be more dance-events in the future. Planned are fashion-contests according to the music style.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Gallery Building on the Space 4 Art Sim

Since 2011 is Space 4 Art the home of many SL and RL artists. Recently Asmita Duranjaya and Mason Woller have built a new gallery-building called Space 4 Art Tower. This album shows parts of the new building. There are still some gallery spots available for rent... and .

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Asmita's Dreams at SLB 12

For her SLB12 building Asmita used again 3-D-fractals and created a kitschy-pinky-dream-installation ;). Visit it on the sim Pizzazz and dance to nice dream-songs!

Paris in the Park - New RoofTopExhibition at Space 4 Art

Artist Samara Barzane has created an immersive environment for her well worth seeing art-exhibition "Paris in the Park". It can be visited until 15th of July on the rooftop of the Space 4 Art Sky Gallery:…/1055 .

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CYBERart in Second Life

Reassess your definition and imagination around the term CYBERart by visiting two exhibitions in Second Life:

1st: RoofTopGallery Space 4 Art with artwork by Gleman Jun, Corcosman Voom, Dacob Paine, IanLee Patton, Asmita Duranjaya, Nish Mip, Lusus Saule, Harter Fall, Fuschia Nightfire, Louly Loon, Natsha Lemton, Nicci Lane, Bloo Ansar, Sable/snakeappletree, Ranadeep and Fafner Hofmann. .
2nd: LEA12, CYBERartContest open for public voting until 15th of June: .

01. Ginger Lorakeet - Cyber Rain
02. Sheba Blitz - Cyber Mama
03. Barret Darkfold - Abstract Cyber 3
04. IanLee Patton - Eli Mecha Musume
05. Corcosman Voom - Plan 9 from Inner Space􀀉
06. ChapTer Kronfeld - CyberWorld
07. HOLALA Alter - Small Paradise
08. Duna Gant - Le Monde de Asmita et Sable
09. Solkide Auer - Interstellar Overdrive
10. Ranadeep - "Cyberspace Zen"!
11. Elle Thorkveld - TimeFrames
12. Carabella Babii - Pixel Self􀀔
13. Lusus Saule - Bryn Oh
14. FeelsEmpty - Zeno
15. Curious Foo - The Perplexer

Monday, May 4, 2015

Art Events at Space 4 Art and Meisterbastler (MBK)

Next Sunday, 10th of May two exhibitons will open, hosted by Asmita Duranjaya:
1. Feels Empty with a new type of animated icononic pieces surrounding the topic of "Family" and its changes influenced by technology and media: .
This opening will start at 1pm SLT.

2. After that the visitor can change to the rooftop of the  Space 4 Art-gallery and visit the exhibition "Sardana", presented by the Catalan abstract artist Barret Darkfold. The Sardana as a regional traditional circle-dance has become a symbol for the identity of the people in Catalunya and the artist has taken that symbol to show the relation between circle and art; this opening will start at 2pm SLT: .
Both receptions are accompagnied by DJ Lusus Saule, spinning Blues and Jazz tunes. Cordial invitation!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Dear ArtistFellows,
my colleague Sable (snakeappletree) and myself were lucky in 1/2015 to get a LEA AiR. Our target has been to focus on the term CYBER and what it can mean in an artistic way in a virtual world. The art-installation The Paradise of CyberPolis shows our vision of a CyberCity created with prims, sculpts, meshs, hand-drawn and fractal textures, animation and particle- or sound-effects and the use of avi-bots. It is at the same time not only an art installation but also a story-based game, combining several media options in an immersive virtual world.

We see our LEA 12 as a research project too and would like to find out more about the term CYBER. In preparation of our application we had organized a discussion panel and different points of view from various angles have been exchanged concerning the definition of that term.

Taking this and the LEA12 - installation as a basis, we would like to continue our survey and are looking for artists who are able to create a piece that has cyber-features, also to provide a statement on their approach which explains why the artwork can be characterized as CYBERart.

We will organize this as a contest with public and jury-voting and the first 3 winners will get 2000, 1000 and 500 LL. Artists, who have an allergy against contests are also encouraged to provide a piece of art without contest.

The art piece can be in 3D or 2D and should possibly refer to or be inspired by our LEA12 environment and installation. It will be placed on a suitable spot later. It has to be mod/trans NO COPY, should not have more than 40 prims/LI and be no bigger than the attached cube(7x7x7).

The topic is "Cyber"art in all its varieties. Deadline is Monday, 20th April 2015 midnight MET.

Send the piece plus your statement about CYBERart (nc!) to Asmita Duranjaya.

We hope to get stunning pieces of art and are looking forward to your breathtaking entries.

Asmita and Sable

PS: As an example you can have a look at our first entry by the wonderful artist Ginger Lorakeet: .

Monday, March 16, 2015

What are paradises for?

Despite a horrible start of the day, with missing the complete personal artwork folder in Asmita's inventory, filing Linden-tickets and getting advice from the live-chat, the opening of Asmita's and Sable's LEA12 installation "The Paradise of CyberPolis" with the accompanying music of DJ Ginniji (pan-Asian ambient-fusion)has been sucessfull with at last more than 100 visitors according to the counters. Alltogether we can be proud to have had more than 300 visitors from the beginning up to now and probably there will be more in the next two months. This period will be taken for cutting a machinima, for modifications and for some more events, like a sequence of lectures about Chinese forms of expression, that became influential for the term CYBER as a pan-Asian-fusion.
Sylkye is wearing a tiny alien dress
Feedback came from art-enthousiasts, gamers, bloggers and SF-specialists:

Hydorsgolem after eating his cake-snack
And here are some statements of visitors during the opening, which are published with their friendly permission:

[2015/03/15 16:11]  victorn Oppewall: :-))in one word fantastic ...
[2015/03/15 16:11]  victorn Oppewall: best i have ever seen...

[2015/03/11 14:35]  Boomer Waverider: hi Asmita , i finished the game ok , it was very well done

[2015/03/15 16:15]  Sylkye Taffeta: LOVE these creations!!!
[2015/03/15 16:15]  Asmita Duranjaya: thanks
[2015/03/15 16:18]  Sylkye Taffeta: will come back :)

[2015/03/15 15:53]  Solkide Auer: fantastic work Asmita )

[2015/03/15 15:44]  reini: ja, ist toll gemacht das Ganze

Reini has been the 1st with the last experience

And last not least some more photographic impressions of the opening:

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bachi Cheng in the MBK Gallery

On 8th of March at 2pm Bachi Cheng's exhibition "Moments of Life" will open for 2 months. Bachi's work is full of life and vivid erotics, colorful and and humorous. DJ Lusus will spin Blues tunes.
Cordial invitation! .

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Art Magazine: The Beaux-Arts of Second Life

The new art magazine The Beaux-Arts of Second Life, initiated by Yannick Sands is looking for distributors on the grid and contributors for articles and pictures. It will feature in the next issues artists of the two art sims Space 4 Art and Port Lydius beside others. There is a kiosk available, that will deliver the latest edition and can be placed on interesting art spots: . .

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Nelun Harasgama: Serigraphies

Opening: 8th of Feb at 1pm SLT: The Sri Lankan artist Nelun Harasgama shows her latest serigraphies in the MBK Gallery from now until the end of March 2015.
Enjoy the radical minimalism of this RL artist from Sri Lanka and her contemplative topics concerning the recent situation in her country. Asian Ambient Fusion by DJ Ginniji.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More of the Paradise and CyberPolis

CyberPolis is  growing visually and textually - the final opening with hud, storyline and game is expected at the end of April 2015; see also an interview with the artists Sable and Asmita in the Bright Metallic Magazine(Page 53ff): 

Virtuelle Welten