The ArtSim interstellART In Second Life is the so called slurl for a sim, which has been dedicated to the arts from the first beginning. Owned by artist and curator Asmita Duranjaya it is standing for a special concept to present art, which will be explained here:
1. The sim-basis is the home of the cyber-art created by Asmita Duranjaya; it shows surreal fractal cyber-landscapes and some galleries with art-pieces for sale and pieces of Asmita's huge art-collection:

Four gallery-buildings on the sim-basis contain art-pieces of cyber-artist Asmita Duranjaya.

The UfoGallery presents cyber-art with pieces of the huge art-collection of Asmita.

Also a piece of art: Asmita's virtual version of the famous Cray 1 - computer
The underwater-cave made by Silas Merlin shows Asmita's "Fossile Artifacts"

2. The 2nd layer is a desert-landscape on level 1000, where 15 artists in residence live and contribute with their work not only to the financial welfare of the sim, but also to its artistic attraction and variety :
Celestine Ghiardie
Claude Belgar
Elle Thorkveld
Fluer Heartsdale
Fuyuko Amano / Wintergeist
Ilyra Chardin
Jaime Poutine
June Clavenham
Lalie Sorbet
Melodie Heart
Sheba Blitz
OHE54 aka Nelun Harasgama / Sanjeewa Kumara / Sujeewa Kumari

The level 1000 contains also Asmita's huge art installations, which can be rezzed by clicking rezzer-cubes, a virtual technology, that saves prims on a sim.

Furthermore there are three gallery buildings for the monthly changing exhibitions. Every artist in residence can show his/her work for one full month in one of the galleries and parallely an external artist is invited to create an exhibition on a commission-basis.

3. The 3rd level is a landscape-terrain used for special exhibitions, in the moment for EcoScape, an environmental art-exhibition with eight art-installations of 50 Lis, which show the crucial global ecological problems of our planet and will be exchanged with eight new ones after three months to give many artists the chance to participate and to present always something new for the visitors :

4. is the slurl for Asmita's invention, the Fracticularium. This is a monthly short meditative show with particles consisting of fractals. According to always actualised new scripts they move in a permanently changing landscape also made of fractals and this process is controlled with a hud from Asmita's pc at home. The show is accompanied by ambient music and takes place every last Monday in month at 1pm SLT and except of relaxing, visitors can take photos and participate in a photo-exhibition with public voting. The winner will get some Lindens:

5. The gallery-buildings made by Asmita are available in the SL marketplace and can be seen in advance on the sim on level 2500 by clicking on the rezzer-box:

6. And on the same level, there is a kind of educational area; visitors can rez some immersive sceneries, which have been created in addition to the web-project EthnoMusicScape by ethnomusicologist PD Dr. Martina Claus-Bachmann. The environments show a scenery with musical instruments, which are typical for a certain region as so called borderline markers of a specific music-culture. Available sceneries are in the moment Afghanistan, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Mauritius and China :

The Maldives


Thanks to all the 7500 guests, which have been on the sim according to the visitor-counters. All artists hope to be perceived continuously and interstellART could be an attractive place to explore art in Second Life especially for people, who want to discover, what the meaning of CYBER Art is: .


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