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Fuyuko Amano - Darkness And Cyber-Punk

The new blog-entries will present interviews with each artist of the OSGrid-exhibition "Reconnaissance In Times Of Darkness". We start with Fuyuko Amano and her photo-show "Darkness And Cyber Punk": 1. What was your first association, when you heard about the topic "Reconnaissance In Times Of Darkness"? The very first... how certain authoritarian rulers disbelieve in science. But then i put more than just a fleeting thought in it. And I came to understand it as another way of describing Age of Enlightenment. :-)  We are still in an Age of Enlightenment, Science is making strides into new realms of knowledge every day. ------ 2. Reconnaissance is exploration conducted to gain information with observation, surveillance and knowledge. How did you 'explore' the darkness. My theme for the Expo was "Darkness And Cyber Punk" so I could not explore the darkness per se since it is a stylistic tool integral to cyberpunk, as mentioned in its definit

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