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When Art Rises From Words on Space 4 Art

Art Galleries in SL and their Rating - a Hot Potatoe!

Lusus Saule in the MBK Gallery


Lichtspuren / traces of light by Asmita Duranjaya

Opening Event in the MBK Gallery

Space 4 Tango

Space 4 Jazz & Blues

New Gallery Building on the Space 4 Art Sim

The SimBasis on the Space 4 Art-Sim

Xirana Oximoxi

Sable / snakeappletree at MBK: Inducement of Paranoia

Today at 1pm SLT LEA 12 - last time "The Paradise of CyberPolis"

Asmita's Dreams at SLB 12

Paris in the Park - New RoofTopExhibition at Space 4 Art

New References to Asmita's and Sable's LEA 12 ArtInstallation "The Paradise of CyberPolis"

CYBERart in Second Life

Art Events at Space 4 Art and Meisterbastler (MBK)

Merit Coba

Linden Endowment for the Arts: Contest: CYBERart @ LEA12


What are paradises for?

LEA12 Sable / snakeappletree and Asmita Duranjaya present:

Bachi Cheng in the MBK Gallery

New Art Magazine: The Beaux-Arts of Second Life

Nelun Harasgama: Serigraphies

More of the Paradise and CyberPolis


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Article on Asmita Duranjaya (p.111ff)