Friday, April 25, 2014

Nightmares by Asmita Duranjaya at Aakriti

With the exhibition nightmares Asmita shows once more a conceptual installation, which can be perceived as provocative, confusing and distressing. It is an immersive interactive show for all senses, which can be stressed in virtual worlds. The installation follows the tradition of the so called concept art and scripts, sounds, particles, prim- and sculpt-objects are used to express a mental condition associatively in a 3D-arrangement. The opening will take place on Sunday, 27th at 1:30 in Ranadeep's Aakriti Gallery (now shown on Space 4 Art Asmita's tp: Huge Installations:) .

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Colours by Sisi Biedermann - RoofTopExhibition Space 4 Art

The well known SL-artist Sisi Biedermann shows for one month some of her RL-paintings in a RoofTop-Exhibition at the Space 4 Art Gallery. Some of them are also part of a recent RL exhibition of the artist in Copenhagen. Sisi's paintings are colourful and vivid and a joy for every aficionado of RL-art in SL. .

Saturday, April 12, 2014

In Motion by Asmita

All the pieces, which Asmita has created for the Galeria Mexico have one or more elements in motion. They show the main script palette used to animate virtual artwork in Second Life. The exhibition shows the recent tendency of Asmita Duranjaya's work to work with cyber-elements. According to this topic the visitor will find an avi in the gallery, playing on an electronic musical instrument called Theremin and used to produce a SF-soundscape. The music example is a collage from sounds of the movie Forbidden Planet, whose soundtrack has been produced by Louis and Bebe Barron in 1956. The strange electronical sounds can be accompanied by a slow dance as well.The Opening will be on Sunday 13th of April at 2:30pm SLT: .

Saturday, April 5, 2014

... there you Haveit ...

... the Roll of the Dice has come to MBK with the outstanding art of the remarkable artist Haveit Neox. Roll of the Dice does not mean the same like the die is cast - no, the artist seems to preserve a spark of hope, that the humans could be able to avoid the desaster of destroying the planet earth by environmental pollution. 
Haveit has changed the ancient market hall, which serves as the MBK Gallery for years, in his unique way to make it a fascinating art experience, consisting of several layers, and immersive in the sense of challenging the visual, intellectual and associative ability of the visitor. This is virtual art in the best and most attractive sense! The opening will take place on 13th of April 2014 at 1pm SLT. Cordial invitation to all serious art enthusiasts in Second Life. .

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