Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Contest/Neuer Wettbewerb - DiD Galerie Starbase

Dear artist-colleagues,
the DiD Starbase-Gallery, hosted by myself, announces an art contest with the topic "My_Place_in_Space".
And here are the conditions - please read them carefully, because the curator will refuse art, which does not refer to the rules.
1. Most of you will know the hitchhiker's guide to the Universe by Douglas Adams and are familiar with the imagination, that the earth has been destroyed and the last survivor is homeless in space. You should take this imagination and create with your bright fantasy a place_in_space, where you feel homelike, although the space is alien, futurist and has elements of science fiction.
2. You have 20 prims - not more and not less. Use them carefully. The use of scripts should be as minmal as possible.
3. The size of the artwork should be less than 10x10x10 inworld-meters.
4. The objects and textures, which you use, must come from inworld; it is allowed to make photos inworld (with respect of copyrights!) and to process them external in a graphic-software.
5. Although the topic requests more 3D artworks, it is imaginable to contribute 2D-pictures, if they fulfill all other conditions.
6. The deadline is the 31st of July 3pm SLT. Entries sent after that time will not be recognised anymore.
7. There will be a public and a jury-panel-voting. Artists, who don't like voting, should not participate.
8. The announcement of the winners will be on the 8th of August 1pm SLT in the Starbase Gallery; after the award ceremony the show is open until the end of September and the artwork can be sold with 25% commission to the gallery.
9. Please send your entry with mod/copy/no trans to Asmita Duranjaya.
10. The 1st winner will get 3000 L$, the 2nd 2000 and the 3rd 1000. Every participant will also get a little something.
I wish you all the best and if you want to ask something, pls feel free to im me.
Asmita Duranjaya
Liebe Künstlerkollegen,
die DiD Starbase-Galerie, in der ich Kuratorin bin, schreibt einen Kunstwettbewerb aus mit dem Thema " My_Place_in_Space" (Mein Platz im Weltall).
Und hier sind die Bedingungen - bitte sorgfältig lesen, weil ich mir vorbehalte, Beiträge abzulehnen, wenn sie sich nicht an die Richtlinien halten.
1. Die meisten von Euch kennen den Science-Fiction-Klassiker "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis" von Douglas Adams und sind mit der Vorstellung vertraut, dass die Erde zerstört worden ist und der letzte Überlebende im Weltraum ohne Heimat herumirrt. Ihr solltet diese Vorstellung als Ausgangspunkt nehmen und mit Eurer überbordenden Fantasie einen Platz im Weltall gestalten, in dem Ihr Euch zu Hause fühlen würdet, obgleich der Raum fremdartig anmutet, futuristisch aussieht und Elemente von Science Fiction hat.
2. Ihr habt 20 prims - nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Benutzt sie sorgfältig. Der Gebrauch von Scripts sollte so minmal sein, wie möglich.
3. Die Größe des Kunstwerks sollte kleiner als 10x10x10 inworld-Meter sein.
4. Die Gegenstände und die Texturen, die ihr verwendet, müssen aus SL kommen; Ihr könnt Fotos inworld machen (unter Beachtung von copyright!) und sie extern in einer Grafiksoftware bearbeiten.
5. Obgleich das Thema eher auf 3D-Kunst ausgelegt ist, ist es denkbar, 2D-Bilder einzureichen, wenn sie alle weiteren Bedingungen erfüllen.
6. Der Stichtag ist der 31. Juli 3pm SLT. Später eingesandte Beiträge können nicht mehr berücksichtigt werden.
7. Es gibt eine öffentliche und eine Jury-Abstimmung. Künstler, die Votings nicht mögen, sollten von vornherein nicht teilnehmen.
8. Die Siegerehrung findet am 08. August 1pm SLT in der Starbase Galerie statt; danach ist die Ausstellung bis Ende September geöffnet und die Kunstwerke können mit 25% Kommission für die Galerie verkauft werden.
9. Schickt Eure Beiträge mit mod/copy/no trans an Asmita Duranjaya.
10. Der 1. Sieger erhält 3000 L$, der zweite 2000 und der dritte 1000. Jeder Teilnehmer erhält ebenfalls eine Kleinigkeit.
Ich wünsche Euch alles Gute und viel Glück und wenn Ihr eine Frage habt, schickt mir eine Im. Asmita Duranjaya

Monday, July 5, 2010

Successful Art Contest in the Meisterbastler Gallery

After the public and the jury voting he ended up with 126 points and got the 1st prize with 4000 L$, a sculpted rose trophy, a voucher and the book for the exhibition with all the entries as photos inside.
The 2nd and 3rd award with 2000 and 1000 L$ went to an artist couple, Tani Thor with her fragile and tastefully coloured still life "Abbandono" and her Partner Aloisio Congrejo, who created a still life with the title "Apples" in a similar style, but with more abstract elements. Both works convinced the public and the jury as well.

But also all other entries got votes and the admiration of visitors and the jury; because of the high quality of the artworks the jury decided to spend 100 L$ for every artist plus a voucher and the book as a memory and as a small appreciation.
The participating artists were soror Nishi, Silene Christen, Fuschia Nightfire, Molina Rhode, RAG Randt, Kolor Fall, Lagu Indigo, Arianna Mfume, Nish Mip, Vyoletta Guyot, Kyra Roxan and Steffy Lavender, who had her debut as an artist.

A controversy came up about the question, what a StillLife should be. Some visitors asked, whether a dropping water tap or a continuous rainshower could be defined as StillLife. As with anything in the field of art there is no way to define an absolute truth. The possibilities Second Life offers for artists are new and completely different from RL, so that there have to be found new definitions for RL traditions. Asmita, the curator, was giving an example: "The continuously dropping tap of Scottius' work has more StillLife atmosphere, although it is animated, than the unanimated work of Nish Mip, where a human arm is throwing some bottles - the background of the term "still" is not "unanimated" but "contemplative". Both entries were accepted in the contest as Still Lifes and it depends completely on the subjective mood of the onlooker to classify them as StillLife or not.
After the award ceremony a Salsa party started with the present artists and their friends and some guests. The sim-owner and sponsor Zewe Major showed his salsa competence together with Miriam Evanier, the second sponsor of the contest and leader of the press on the sim Meisterbastler. As a 3rd sponsor contributed Azrael Kass, artist himself and living on the sim.

Asmita Duranjaya, the curator of the gallery and organisator of the contest was happy with the result of the contest and with the event. The show is open until end of August and most of the art can be bought in the gallery.

Virtuelle Welten