Monday, February 28, 2011

Art and Charity - a good Example

Huntress Catteneo has organised an exceptional art show on her sim Eclectic Diversity. Every artist has created an artwork (sculpture, painting, photo, animation) with concern to the flood and its victims in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brasil, Australia and The Philippines and the visitors can donate and help the Red Cross to rebuild the areas and to care for needy persons. It is a great idea to present art and to make it a charity event at the same time. So please come and help!
Asmita Duranjaya's build is an original Sri Lankan dagoba where the visitor can light a candle, hear and read a prayer and meditate and pray for the victims. The visitors get as a freebie five Sri Lankan masks to wear. So don't miss that.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Really Something Exceptional

... can be seen in the DID Gallery Starbase in February/March 2011: Tani Thor and Aloiso Congrejo have handpainted a black and white city with all details and used these textures for their new installation "Paint City" in the giant gallery orb. As a contrast the two artists show colourful paintings, photographs and sculptures in the black and white rooms of the houses and on the street. This handmade environment encourages the own phantasy to create something similar, even if it may not have the airiness and elegance of Tani's and Aloisio's drawing technique. The opening on Saturday, 12th of February, at 1pm SLT is a part of the general sim festival on Saturday. So there will be enough attraction for everybody's taste: From 12am a romantic LiveConcert with the female singer Janice Mills and from 1pm DanceParty with DJane Moonie.

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