Wednesday, August 31, 2016

German Artist Emma Fargis

presents water-color images in the MBK Gallery with the title "Entlang des Wassers" (Along the Water). Her impressions were mainly inspired by river Elbe in her home environment. Emma has changed the gallery to an immersive virtual water-scenery with sensual enhancements like sound, mist, animals and plants. The opening party will take place on Sunday 4th of September at 1pm SLT:

The show is open until end of October 2016. Cordial invitation!

Sunday, August 7, 2016


A playful interactive cyber-exhibition
by Asmita Duranjaya
luculus (Latin) = grove, small forest
FracticuLuculus=the trees consist of fracticles
fracticle=mixture of fractal and particle
interactive=the visitor triggers the action
playful=it is a game with a solution
cyber=it has a utopic atmosphere
Where? Space 4 Art level 1000 .

When? From Monday 8th of August 2016 1pm SLT
Opening with fracticle-show (20 minutes)
Fracticle-dancefloor etc.
Gifts, gatchas, freebies are waiting ...

Virtuelle Welten