Saturday, February 15, 2014

Space 4 Art RoofTopExhibitions 2014

The 1st artist on the Rooftop - Exhibition - Area is SINA SOUZA, who shows her dark, symbolic SL-photography art. 
The presentation starts at 15th of February and will end at 14th of March. .

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

End-Result SkullArtContest

During the sim-party at Space 4 Art on last Sunday the winners of the SkullArtContest have been awarded. Two artists had to share the 1st prize with 1500L each: Samara Furse-Barzane with her socio-critical photo-collage "Genocides" and HOLALA Alter with his animated "SkullArtMuseum". The 2nd prize with 2000L received kayly Iali with her SL-version of the RL-painting "The Skull with Yellow Flower", where she uses the skull in the traditional way as a symbol of "vanitas". 500L each as a shared 3rd prize went to Eifachfilm Vacirca and Fafner Hofmann, who both had created expressive variations of the skull-topic. All participants, who did not win a prize, received 100L for their efforts. The contributions for art contests at Space 4 Art run through a sophisticated voting system with 5 judges and public voting. This guarantees a relative objectivity, but everybody should be aware, that objectivity in judgements on art can never be reached. Nevertheless: congratulations to the winners! The winning pieces are on display until end of the month February 2014 on the rooftop.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Space 4 Art Sim ReOpening 2014

TALES of the FUTURE remains the topic for the art sim Space 4 Art, which has been completely reshaped in January 2014. The old and new landlords Asmita Duranjaya, ChapTer Kronfeld, Louly Loon, Celestine Ghiardie, kjs Yip and Miara Lubitsch have worked intensely to present a new gallery landscape on level 1000 and to construct major art installations on the sim basis. The visitor arrives at the landing spot beside a time machine. From there five arrows guide him to the five land areas, which tell their very own tale of the future, based on a story which forms the framework and can be found under the time machine. Discovering the 5 different futurist, utopic or dystopic art installations leads to a spot, where the guest will get a usefull gift.
The Special Guest at the beginning of the opening party will be JORDAN REYNE, the well-known steampunk singer in RL and SL. She starts her one-hour-program on 9th of February at 11am. The presentation of the art installation including the gift hunt will start at 12am SLT and at 1pm SLT will be the awarding ceremony for the winners of the SkullArtContest. Half an hour later the SF-author Kueperpunk Korhonen will complete the program with the reading of one of his future tales in English. Thanks to pyramidcafetv (Sergej Zarf) the program will be recorded and published. 
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