Saturday, July 27, 2013

Triangle Points the Way. A Review of “Shipwrecking – Direction Home,” by Asmita Duranjaya

by Miriam Evanier

My tour starts just outside the container home, and the little place beckons with bright warm colors and functional comforts. The view from inside, however, contradicts the fluid design of the home.  Even the gardens conform to narrow strips and tight, lonely corners of the island.  It’s time to go exploring.

Navigating the latest art openings on the Second Life grid last Sunday, I end up a castaway at artist Asmita Duranjaya’s installation “Shipwrecking – Direction Home.”  I zoom out to take in the shape of my surroundings: a triangle-shaped island enclosing a small but self-sufficient home and, enclosing the island, dark and broken shores of an urban mainland.  
I explore the shores by boat and submarine.  Crates of mainland waste just out like icebergs.  The city buzzes with activity, but the lit towers lean, and power poles fall.  Above and below the water’s surface, the inhospitable landscape holds danger.  I try to venture out on foot but fall into a blue hole.  Forgotten.  

If you like to collect art, you’ll find the artist’s original works on the island and in the underwater gallery.  Those pictures are one source for the creation of this installation.  
The experiences and feelings of the artist are another source.  Asmita Duranjaya reveals herself in this work.  It is a map of the imagination and a translation of the soul. .

Monday, July 15, 2013

SimArt - Space 4 Art: The Seven Mortal Sins from Dante's Divina Commedia by ChapTer Kronfeld

This new installation of Dante's Purgatory is an absolute must-have-seen. ChapTer has arranged it in a extremely detailed and sophisticated way. You can expect the following stations:
The contemporary interpretation of the Seven Mortal Sins, from Dante's '' Divina Commedia'' has been created by Chapter Kronfeld [artist name in the metaverse] referring to our current global problems.
What is the way to understand this installation?
Climb the mountain of purification, do not get bogged down in details.
Be willing  unconditionally to finish this hike with the result to gain access to your own perception.
Not the goal of this journey is desirable.
The movement on your path towards the goal will bring you true enlightenment.
 A small list aims to help you, to transfer the imaginations of the Middle Ages
concerning the seven deadly sins to the contemporary world, as it is shown in Chapter's small incomplete interpretation.
Our dog-eat-dog society has reinterpreted all the negative human characteristics as desirable. These are, beastlyness, selfishness, craving for recognition, PRISM etc.
2 - ENVY
Look at managers, banks, stock market, cartels, drugs ...
Keywords are e.g.  wars, murder, intolerance towards different-minded people, ...
{This exhibition from Chapter, here in Metaversum, too ... }
Our entire media age with all digitized assistance, ...
Greed, ''greed-is-cool'', environment pollution and nuclear power industries ...
Cloning technology, reproductive medicine, animal breeding, food elimination in the first world, catastrophic famines in the third world ...
7 - LUST
Female genital mutilation (FGM), pedophilia in the churches, tormenting children to death ...

Opening: Sunday, 21st od July at 1:30pm SLT,
After being purified walk up to 1000m on ChapTer's Stairway to Heaven!

SimArt - Space 4 Art: Shipwrecking - Direction Home by Asmita Duranjaya

shows my personal mental situation in the moment of creating this installation:
After a period of feeling shipwrecked in a few life situations and targets I have the feeling to have to look for a new home, an environment suitable for my inner condition, a spot, where I would like to spend my next years. Because I have a strong connection to Sri Lanka inside and outside, I spent recently some weeks there, to find out, whether there could be this home spot for me. The installation shows the result of this search and my dream.
I have developed the idea to live in a container-house on a triangle land. Although this feels cosy I feel at the same time the challenge and threat of the dark sometimes ugly, dirty, noisy, cruel, cold and incomplete structure of the surrounding capital Colombo. The textures are taken from original photos, processed in a graphic software and the installation is enhanced by original sounds, which can be heard, when someone approaches the buildings, palms and electricity poles. The surrounding water can become a challenge too, be it in times of Tsunami or when chemicals pollute it.
So my container house, which is sold in RL by a special company, surrounded by a wall, with solar power  and decorated with a lot of contemporary art seems to be a sanctuary for somebody seeking protection. There is only one hindrance in realizing this dream: triangle land in Sri Lanka is seen as genuinely evil - not many people would buy it and later you could not sell it...

Starting on the main landing area at Space 4 Art, click the tp to Asmita's spots (triangle) and choose then asmiSIMart. Use the boats for a tour - it is fun either to go with a normal boat over water or with a sub(marine) underwater=> surprise gallery. Enjoy all the corners and views. Opening: 21st of July 2013 1pm SLT.

(Sim basic textures by Lilia Artis; they are changed every 3 months by one member of our artist community, ChapTer Kronfeld, Moe Sandalwood, Lilia Artis or me, Asmita Duranjaya.)

Asmita, July 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moewe Winkler and kjs Yip

will celebrate their RoofTopExhibitions at Space 4 Art on 14th of July at 1pm. Moewe closes her interesting kinetic show "In the Morning" and kjs will build up his new presentation "Wilderness of Mirrors" on the fly and live in the moment when Moewe leaves. All our friends, art enthusiasts and afficionados of Second Life are invited to celebrate this change with dance and music.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MiniContest Black'n'White

In the TopGallery at Space 4 Art starts from now a MiniArtContest in July and August 2013 with the topic Black'n'White. It is held exclusively for the artists in residence at the art sim. The rules are strict: Five prims are the limit, the size has to be within 5x5x7 m upright and the deadline is the 16th of July. The opening of the public exhibition and the voting will be on 21st of July at 1pm SLT. Like always a public and a jury voting will bring the result, who will take home 2000, 1500 and 500LL at last. Sponsors of the contest are the sim artists and owners Lilia Artis, ChapTer Kronfeld, Moe Sandalwood and Asmita Duranjaya. The vernissage for this contest exhibition is a part of the reopening of the sim basis. In July Asmita and ChapTer will present their new installations; in August Lilia and Moe will follow. Announcements will be displayed here later.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ohe53 - Nelun Harasgama now at Art Center Gualdo

The work of the Sri Lankan artist Nelun Harasgama has been migrated with her agreement by Asmita to Sisi Biedermann's Art Center Gualdo for the month of July 2013. Ohe53 (the SL name of the artist) has been invited to be guest artist of the month. All SL art enthusiasts, who had not the chance to see the exhibition at Space 4 Art can now make up for it at Sisi's place:

Virtuelle Welten