Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pictures in Jail by Aneli Abeyante

Aneli is not only a great curator, she is also an artist herself and shares the fate with other curators, whose artistic work is sometimes shadowed by all the hosting activities for others. In this exhibition in the MBK Gallery Aneli has chosen the topic "Pictures in Jail" and we hope, that all the visitors of this show will help, to liberate the pictures from being caught and to bring Aneli's art to the sunny surface of awareness. 1pm like always, DJane Miriam with her lovely mix of tunes and bring some tools to free the pictures ;). .

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kayly Iali - Space 4 Art

shows in March/April 2013 an assorted selection of her vivid abstract paintings under the topic 'Movement in Space' on the rooftop of the Sky 4 Art Gallery. The reception will start on Sunday, 17th of March at 1pm SLT. Come and enjoy! .

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Lilia Artis, Moe Sandalwood, ChapTer Kronfeld and Asmita Duranjaya have rearranged the sim basis of Space 4 Art and present new landscape and sim art. xHibition is the part of Moe and Lilia and it shows several work with the letter X as a basis, integrated into the sim landscape. 
ChapTer's xHibition is shocking (I don't tell more and don't show a picture in advance; we are a mature sim and it has an age-limit, but not because of physical nudity). 
Asmita has chosen the new sim colors and textures and she has built a whimsical crater with life and relaxation inside; her show is called PrimOrdialSoup. All art lovers are cordially invited to visit the new xHibition and to discover all the small and big artwork. 
Start is 1pm SLT.

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