Friday, May 25, 2012

Space 4 Art

has crashed last Sunday and you can take it for a good or a bad sign, but fact is, that too many avis (80) stressed the capacity of this new sim dedicated to the art(s), which is from now officially open for the public. A four hours program introduced the guests to the variety and richness of artistic options on the sim. It started with the opening of Moe Sandalwoods exhibition "reflected rorschach" in the UnderWaterGallery, accompanied by a Theremin concert by Asmita Duranjaya, the curator and one of the sim based artists beside ChapTer Kronfeld and Migina Miklos. Asmita showed her own new installation after this opening. It is called "Destruction" and is a puzzle at the same time with a solution word, that guides to a task for a new contest. 
Next step was to take an artwalk through ChapTer Kronfelds gallery. 
One of the highlights of the event was the winners announcement ceremony for the contest "Virtual Minimalism". The first three winners, who got 3000, 2000 and 1000 LL, were Gleman Jun with his work "Creatures", Harter Fall with "Lines and Frames" and Professor Bimbogami with "Pervasive Space": 
The jury decided to show the first 16 voting winners for another month on the rooftop of the Space 4 Art Gallery.
Some of the 24 artists of the Space 4 Art Gallery (Masako/Soraya Till, Kayly Iali, Reezy Frequency, Moe Sandalwood, Graine Macbaine, Walt Ireton, Sheba Blitz, Holy13 Writer, Louly Loon, Synapse Joubert, Fae Varriale, CreativeSam India, Edward Vintner, Lilia Artis, Celestine Ghiardie, Moewe Winkler, SandraLee Palianta, BukTom Bloch, Steffy Lavender, Bloo Ansar, kjs Yip, Winter Nightfire and Haveit Neox) have been present for a greet'n'meet action and guided the visitors through the spots with attractive and expressive artwork and photography. 
The event continued with a beach party and the fabulous DJane Miriam Evanier, who tried also to accompany the cheerleader group of Steffy Lavender, who increased the lag a bit with its animations, leading to a one hour sim crash.
But last not least the planned program has been continued with an atmospheric English poetry reading of the German author Lilia Artis:
At the end of the eventful hours a magic firework illuminated the sky over Space 4 Art.
Thanks to all participants and the sponsors Migina and ChapTer for helping to make this event a success.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sim and Gallery Opening of Space 4 Art 20th of May 2012

The following program,organised by curator and artist Asmita Duranjaya will start at 11am SLT and end at 3pm SLT.
There will be new art exhibitions, concerts and poetry readings, a dance show and a beach party with DJane.
All the 24 artists of the Space 4 Art Gallery have updated their gallery spots and will be around for meet'n'greet. The 33 pieces of the contest Virtual Minimalism on the rooftop are presented the last time and the winners announcement will be one highlight of the opening. ChapTer Kronfeld and Asmita Duranjaya have also updated their galleries and created new shows for the opening as well as Migina Miklos, the third artist on the sim, who is a master of landscaping and specialised in building large cave systems with some surprises for the visitor. All together the interested guest can enjoy a lot of awesome spots and events and the detailed program shows the variety of this four hours event:

- Opening UnderWater Gallery Exhibition "reflected rorschach" by Moe Sandalwood with 2 water-poems and 3 Theremin-music_pieces (11am SLT)
- Opening of Asmita's Exhibition "Destruction"  (11:30am SLT)
   with puzzle and contest action by Asmita (12am SLT)   
- ChapTer Kronfeld's Exhibition in his Gallery (12:30 am SLT)
- Winners Announcement Contest Virtual Minimalism (1pm SLT)
- Dance Party (1:30 pm SLT) with DJane Miriam
- Cheerleading Show with Steffy Lavender (2pm SLT)
- Lilia Artis Poetry Reading (2:30pm SLT)
- Fireworks (3pm SLT)
All the time:
- meet'n'greet with every gallery artist
- visit Migina's land of caves and surprises
- hunt for treasures with a map

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Game On - Asmita Duranjaya at PiRats in Second Life

A review of Asmita Duranjaya’s art installation Librarium Arboris Pirats galerie, February 2012 by Miriam Evanier

Why teleport through magic doors at an art exhibition?  Because we can!  Librarium Arboris reveals an artist who, with open arms, shares her delight in this world’s special magic.  Zoom out.  Zoom in.  Fly.  Play.  Serious and honest art withstands our close study and even our celebration in the experience.  Let’s enter. 

From one leafy sphere to the next, we travel an enormous tree, through themes that have compelled the artist:  fashion to abstraction, color to shape . . . each linked with an artbook and an RL artist quotation.  These quotations are key to solving the puzzle.  For an artist, writer, and educator who also designs books, the integration of books in this installation and elsewhere comes naturally.  Here, the lushly textured books guide, inform and entertain.  Turn off the stream and enable media for your tour, because Asmita’s art also communicates with sound and action. 

What to wear?  Dozens of self-portrait cutouts in couture clothing populate the fashion section of the tree.   Central to the cutouts, a seamstress’ torso topped by a shopping bag spins while dollar bills and coins swirl around it.  Chick-ching!  The similarity of these figures to paper dolls strikes this viewer as both amusing and polemical.  Asmita conveys the limitations of a virtual medium and examines the economic engines that pervade our world.  The presence of a sewing machine and the mechanical sounds suggest industry.

Abstract art.  The nearly tactile nature of the textures lining this globe balances the abstraction of shapes and colors.  Stalactites swing and flex from the globe’s domed ceiling like strands of an enormous paintbrush, loaded thick with paints.

Color.  Thick, tooth-like stalagmites encircle a blue pool.  Piercing colors demonstrate compatibility of the additive RGB model with the mechanics of the human eye.  Sensitive to these primary colors, the eye also uses light to perceive and interpret reality (and virtuality), so here onscreen art has an advantage over real paintings.

“I  paint with shapes,” each disembodied voice repeats.  Are these the voices of the artist and her colleagues?  No, they are computer generated, but clearly this artist endorses the statement.  The words, including “MEGAPRIM,” celebrate the art of building, in neon colors. 

The Solution Room.   We don’t want to give away the solution, but the prize merits participation, and the room, itself, surprises.  Chances are that it also surprised the artist.  This can happen—in fact, it must happen.  The behavior of physical objects, themselves, surprises.  With a little luck, you may recognize that your participation makes an important contribution to the art, itself. 

This is serious, important work, from an artist who values friendship and collaboration.  Congratulations to Asmita Duranjaya and to Pirats galerie owners and curators.  We all appreciate the work you do.  Thanks for sharing it, and in such a disarming way! 

Virtuelle Welten