Sunday, October 23, 2011


... is the topic of the recent art contest of the MBK (Meisterbastler Kreis) Second Life community. Zewe Major, the owner of the six sims has craeted a fabulous alpine moutain landscape and a typical Bavarian small town. He is a friend of arts and of nature and along the river in the town he wants to place six sculptures of 3D artists, which refer to nature objects, like flowers, water or trees etc.

Together with Asmita Duranjaya, the arts curator of the community and Miriam Evanier, the chief of the local press, the rules for the contest have been decided. The artists have 20 prims and the size for the artwork can be up to 3x3x6 m. The deadline is the 31st of October 3pm SLT and the pieces are shown in November for public and jury voting in the hangars of the newly built MBK airport. On the 22nd of November the award ceremony will take place and the winners can get 3000, 2000 or 1000 LL and the first 6 pieces are chosen for the artwalk on the river. Every artist will also get a little something. Up to now seven artists have already sent their contribution and all others are invited and reminded not to forget to participate in this contest.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Neo Graphia - Ally Aeon

Ally Aeon, herself proud owner of one of the most vivid and well known art communities in Second Life shows her new work Neo Graphia in the Meisterbastler Gallery. Ally has invented a kind of own artist script system, like an alphabet and she plays with the newly invented letters. At the same time she shows some of the main artist techniques in Second Life and the visitor can enjoy interesting artwork and update his or her knowledge at the same time.

The opening for this exhibition is on Monday, the 10th of October, 1pm SLT.

The Heart of the Planet - Nish Mip

Nish Mip, the British artist, is known for her expressive and atmospheric installations. She has won several awards at UWA and shows now a new work in the Starbase Gallery of the DID. It has the title "The Heart of the Planet" and is a visual science fiction story. Remarkable is also the soundscape of this installation, consisting of mysterious noises, howling of creatures and snippets of words or what could be identified as human-like language. Turn on your sound to the maximum, so you will be able to dive into this world of a foreign planet with its phantastic colors and maybe you will be able to find "the Heart of the Planet".
The Opening is on Friday, the 7th of October at 2pm SLT.

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