Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Newcomer Under Water

To bring up something new in the art scene of Second Life is not easy and especially not for newcomers. But Roland Teichmann from Germany did it - he created something very special and Asmita Duranjaya is glad to host his interesting and attractive exhibition "WaterUnderWater" in her UnderWaterGallery at her new Island on the Edge. Roland, who is a great photographer at the same time has enhanced his water-photos with streaming and flowing water in a very surprising and careful way. The show opens on the 2nd of September at 11am SLT and will be open in September and October. It will be also part of the huge sim festival organised by Kueperpunk Korhonen (information will follow). An additional attraction is a choice of music pieces from all over the world with the term WATER in their title. The music can be choosen individually, so that everybody can get his or her water-music according to the individual taste. Come and bring your friends, it's worth a visit!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

ZEXPO 2011

Asmita and Giridevi Duranjaya run their bookcorner in Second Life during the ZEXPO 2011 too. There will be four events in the next days:
a) A Demonstration Lecture on BookTypes in SL (31st of Aug 1pm SLT);
b) a Demonstration Lecture on ArtistBooks in SL (1st od Sept 1pm SLT);
c) a bilingual reading with poems of the Indonesian RL poet D.R. Herliany (2nd of Sept 1pm SLT);
d) a reading with a short story of Giridevi Duranjaya "The PolarBear" (3rd of Sept 2pm SLT).
The readings will be hearable through a web link and readable in the chat and the lectures are read in chat too.
ZEXPO is a huge exhibition on an adult sim and show a lot of attractions from all over the grid.

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