Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reflections on Change - Dacob Paine in the MBK Gallery

The MBK Gallery hosts in August and September 2011 an exhibition of Dacob Paine, who is well known in Second Life for his "swirl"-pictures, which he produces digitally with a elaborated and unique technique. He has changed in the last years from a small format size to big wall filling displays, that ad a special animating and positive atmosphere to every room. The changes in his own painting technique Dacob wants to show in this exhibition. His pictures look like 3D and are very vivid, as if they would be animated. The opening for this show is on Monday, 1st of August at 1pm SLT in the MBK Gallery.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Invitation to a Journey

is the title of the huge installation of Louly Loon in the Gallery Starbase on the DID sim:
Take your snorkle out and land directly in an underwater scenery. The artist is a master of light pastell colours and you will be immediately captivated by the beautiful environment in slowly rotating waves of crystal clear water. TP up to the next layers and experience Louly's stations of a journey, a trip into transparent and carefully animated textures and on the top layer into a crystal palace. The artist is a fan of opera music and gives you some hints, which music would be the best to listen to, whilst enjoying the exhibition. The opening is on Sunday 31st at 1pm SLT.


Signum is one of the Latin words for stamp and the artist Asmita Duranjaya shows in this exhibition some examples of her latest stampwork in RL, as 3D artwork processed in the virtuality with the existing digital features, like animations, rotations, emitting of particles etc. The result is a irrational "jungle-feeling", maybe created by colours, the specific textures and forms, in Asmita's small and cosy art gallery of Milly Sharple's big and interesting art mall.

Also stampwork, but in 2D is shown in the tiny MBK gallery of Asmita's BookCorner. The stamped lines and spots end up in a unique graphic quality.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Notes on the MiniArtContest URBAN

The opening of the MiniArtContest URBAN on 24th of July at 1pm lasted around three hours and more than 70 avis took the chance to participate in the relaxed atmosphere of the newly founded sky gallery. The ten excellent art pieces of Juanita Deharo, Theda Tammas, Aloisio Congrejo, Fafner Hofmann, Milly Sharple, Fuschia Nightfire, ChapTer Kronfeld, fiona Blaylock, Sisi Biedermann and Harter Fall attracted the visitors and they voted ambitiously. A good collection of Nu-Jazz titles animated the guests to dance under glowing particle lights. For all interested friends is a book available now, which can be bought in the gallery and can be viewed online at this address here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Opening on Sunday 24th

The opening for the exhibition and contest *URBAN* takes place on Sunday 24th of July 2011 in the UrbanGallery of Asmita's Island on the Edge Prieta. 10 more or less established artists of the SL art scene have contributed unique and expressive art pieces and compete to win one of the 3 awards. Starting with the opening is the public voting which is one part of the judgement additionla to the jury voting. Every voter has one possiblity to show his appreciation to his favourite art installations. The show starts at 1pm SLT. The exhibition can be visited until the end of August; the public voting is open until the 31st of July at midnight (MEZ).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

ulme-mini-verlag with a new category

The small German publishing company ulme-mini-verlag S. Fernando offers a fine choice of academic and bilingual edutainment-books including an interactive multimedia CD-ROM. With the change of the website-design, the company added a new category, so called artist books. The SL-artist Asmita Duranjaya offers unique tunnel-books and stampzines. Especially proud is the publishing company to be able to present 6 fanzine-books of the English label "reassemble": All the artist books are only existing one time and they are absolutely seducing eye-candies. They can be bought directly bought with using paypal.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New MiniArtContest "URBAN"

After changing the land in SL Asmita Duranjaya's activity as a curator starts with a MiniContest on the topic "URBAN". Deadline is the 22nd of July and the application for participation starts now. 10 artists can show an artwork created according to this specific topic in the new contest gallery at the Island on the Edge; the first 10 to signalize, that they want to participate, will get the chance, if they fulfill the conditions given below. After displaying the work (2 weeks time to prepare) there is a jury voting and a public voting (3:1). The work has to be new to SL and can be a mixed media production, a sculpture or an animated or unanimated artwork, but no photography. It is limited to 10 prims and might not be bigger than 3x3x3m. So it is a kind of mini-artwork.
The prize will be 2000L for the 1st, and 500L for the 2nd and the 3rd winner. All participants will get a shopping voucher and a book presenting the contest. The artwork can be sold during the 2 months period of presenting and the commission will be 25% too (split script).
Visit the exhibition place at

Enjoy all the other new areas at Asmita's Island on the Edge starting from the new central TP board at

This was the message yesterday in a lot of art groups; after 1 hour the quantity of 10 participants had been reached and now we can look forward to the contributions of Juanita Deharo, theda Tammas, Aloisio Congrejo, Fafner Hofmann, Milly Sharple, Fuschia Nightfire, ChapTer Kronfeld, fiona Blaylock, Sisi Biedermann and Harter Fall. An appealing competition!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Asmita's "Thicket" at PiRats

The idea for this unusual topic came from an artist-book, which Asmita has created in RL. So she took the photo-texture of this book and realized a 3D version with the inworld features of Second Life, like animations, color and light scripts particle flow etc. The atmosphere inside that "Thicket" became mysterious and a bit spooky enhanced with a sound composition from Asmita's synthesizer. The installation "Thicket" is interactice and immersive, because the visitor can take a ride on alien-animals, circulating permanently throughout the "Thicket".

The opening is on Tuesday, 04th of July at 1:30 pm SLT. Come and stroll through the Thicket!

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