Sunday, March 13, 2011

SHRINES at PiRats Art Network

SHRINES is a multi-sensual installation created by Asmita Duranjaya for an exhibition at the inworld art gallery PiRats in March 2011. Eight walkable shrines show each one animated artwork accompanied by a short sound-collage. The author Miriam Evanier has created a haiku for every artwork. This is read for the visitor when he clicks on a book. The book can be bought. It includes the artwork and the haiku. Available is also a book-display including and showing all the artwork plus the haiku on touch.

Explanation on "haiku" by Miriam Evanier: Haiku form originated as a section of Japanese linking poems and now is loosely interpreted in countless other languages, usually with hinged imagery and usually as three lines alternating units of 5-7-5. In English, that unit is the syllable.
The opening for this one month exhibition is on the 15th of March at 1pm SLT. See you there!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Two New Art Shows on Sunday 6th of March

... at 1pm SLT in Sedona Island in two galleries:
1. oona Eiren in Asmita's UnderWaterGallery with the show "Captain Nemo in Pension" - an UnderWaterInstallation. This exhibition shows a stranded, but walkable barge and some of its interior in the typical grunge style of oona Eiren surrounded by the coral reef of the newly rebuilt underwater gallery on Asmita's land. Visitors can try to find the treasure box hidden in the ship.
2. Asmita Duranjaya in the ArtSanctuary with the shows "Going Fractal", animated and unanimated fractal pictures, vases and pots, fractal trees and non-fractal animated sculptures in a garden under the gallery skybox. The hunt for treasures is continued here. Slurls for the galleries:
All art lovers in Second Life are cordially invited to enjoy these installations.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

oona is going machinima

If somebody wants to get a better understanding of oona Eiren's virtual surrealistic grunge art, he can visit the above mentioned website showing her first conclusive machinima - a visual and sonic highlight!

Virtuelle Welten