Monday, December 20, 2010

Variety by Treacle Darlandes

The exhibition "Variety" by Treacle Darlandes shows various art pieces of the multi-talented British artist. There are fractals, moving slowly and changing their form permanently, ice-sculptures, glittering and shining in cool elegance, continuously streaming multi-coloured sculptures and last not least the singing pieces with ethereal sounds - all very suitable for the Christmas time, bringing a warm and delightful atmosphere into the room of the Meisterbastler Gallery. Generously the artist donates her beautiful freebie candles as a gift for the visitors and if somebody wants to see a celebration of beauty an harmony, he should not hesitate to tp to the Meisterbastler sim, where the owner and builder Zewe Major has created a winter wonderland, embedding the cute art gallery.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fairy Sim with Fairy Art

With a lot of other artist colleagues of Second Life Asmita Duranjaya shows five fairy pictures in the Sylyhara Art Fair on a fairy sim, worth a visit itself. Magic wonderlands and mysterious beings are shown on the pictures, which can be bought for a moderate fee in this special fair. It is open until the 7th of December.

Let's Settle The Moon - A Visionary Art Show by oona Eiren

oona Eiren is a very individual and interesting Second Life and Real Life artist. With her dark, grungy and distressed installations and textures she has already won several art awards. For the Gallery Starbase of the DiD/Deutsche InfoWelt the artist has created an installation consisting of two layers, one earth-, the other moonbound. oona is a visual storyteller dealing with the anti-aesthetics, the grungy and hopeless urban atmosphere leading to an escape into fictitious dream realities. This exhibition guides the visitor to these futurist, surrealistic imaginations. It is more than worth a visit. The opening is on Sunday, the 5th of Dec. at 1pm SLT in the Gallery Starbase DiD/Deutsche InfoWelt.

Virtuelle Welten