A Retro Subculture in Second Life: SteamPunk

Most Avis in Second Life have already visited one of the fabulous SteamPunk sims like Nemo, Babbage Canals or Port Babbage e.g. What is behind this virtual subculture, is it virtual only or do there exist forms of expression in RL too? How has it developed and what are the main features? All these questions are more or less answered in a sophisticated web article with tons of multimedia at this page: http://www.kuveni.de/steampunk/steampunk.htm. The focus of the author Martina Claus-Bachmann, who has a PHD, doing research in cultural studies, is mainly on the music of SteamPunk. It shows at last also on how to use Second Life as a possibility for field research. Recommended!


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