Self-ArtContest won by Asmita

With her work "Balancing My Self" has Asmita Duranjaya won the public voting of the art contest of the Kelly Yap Gallery in Second Life surrounding the topic and the philosophical question "What is the Self?":
"Asmita Duranjaya is the winner of popular vote for the Self Contest at Kelly Yap Newcomers and Friends Gallery. Her winning work is titled "Balancing My Self". Asmita has received a two month gallery space at Kelly Yap Newcomers and Friends Gallery and 1000L!"
The consciousness for a Self is of specific interest for persons, who live in two worlds, in the physical-material Real Life as a human and in virtual worlds like Second life and others as an artificial person, called avatar. The creation and the relationship with this double-self leads to interesting perspectives and increases the sensitivity for questions concerning the identity and the construction of the mental condition of a being. Asmita has expressed with her 3D-installation, how the avatar-self can act as a balance for the real life-self. The artwork is created with animation, sound and several scripts and layers, using the possibilities of the virtual world, which are not available in the non virtual.
The artist, who organises many contests herself, is glad to get a sign of acceptance with this result and will use the occasion to show her work in December and January in the gallery of Kelly Yap, the initiator and gallery owner at YAP-Land.


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