Living in My Computer ... ?

Asmita invites all her friends, art lovers and colleagues to visit her new installation "Living in My Computer". She explains the title: "My mainboard had crashed and I tried to find a new one with the same features, because I loved my old one; it has supported my work for so many years and was reliable and comfortable; it is hard to replace it. So I decided to create a memorial for my mainboard and scanned it. All the pictures and objects you will find in my installation are modifications of that scan". The end result was a kind of surreal art workshop with a lounge, a dancefloor, cuddle corners and many small other things to discover. DJane Delfin will spin Trance, Sofa and Soma Space and everybody can come, talk, relax and dance. The event takes place on the 24th of October at 1pm SLT and the installation will last for 2 months. See you there!


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