Triangle Points the Way. A Review of “Shipwrecking – Direction Home,” by Asmita Duranjaya

by Miriam Evanier

My tour starts just outside the container home, and the little place beckons with bright warm colors and functional comforts. The view from inside, however, contradicts the fluid design of the home.  Even the gardens conform to narrow strips and tight, lonely corners of the island.  It’s time to go exploring.

Navigating the latest art openings on the Second Life grid last Sunday, I end up a castaway at artist Asmita Duranjaya’s installation “Shipwrecking – Direction Home.”  I zoom out to take in the shape of my surroundings: a triangle-shaped island enclosing a small but self-sufficient home and, enclosing the island, dark and broken shores of an urban mainland.  
I explore the shores by boat and submarine.  Crates of mainland waste just out like icebergs.  The city buzzes with activity, but the lit towers lean, and power poles fall.  Above and below the water’s surface, the inhospitable landscape holds danger.  I try to venture out on foot but fall into a blue hole.  Forgotten.  

If you like to collect art, you’ll find the artist’s original works on the island and in the underwater gallery.  Those pictures are one source for the creation of this installation.  
The experiences and feelings of the artist are another source.  Asmita Duranjaya reveals herself in this work.  It is a map of the imagination and a translation of the soul. .


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