SimArt - Space 4 Art: Shipwrecking - Direction Home by Asmita Duranjaya

shows my personal mental situation in the moment of creating this installation:
After a period of feeling shipwrecked in a few life situations and targets I have the feeling to have to look for a new home, an environment suitable for my inner condition, a spot, where I would like to spend my next years. Because I have a strong connection to Sri Lanka inside and outside, I spent recently some weeks there, to find out, whether there could be this home spot for me. The installation shows the result of this search and my dream.
I have developed the idea to live in a container-house on a triangle land. Although this feels cosy I feel at the same time the challenge and threat of the dark sometimes ugly, dirty, noisy, cruel, cold and incomplete structure of the surrounding capital Colombo. The textures are taken from original photos, processed in a graphic software and the installation is enhanced by original sounds, which can be heard, when someone approaches the buildings, palms and electricity poles. The surrounding water can become a challenge too, be it in times of Tsunami or when chemicals pollute it.
So my container house, which is sold in RL by a special company, surrounded by a wall, with solar power  and decorated with a lot of contemporary art seems to be a sanctuary for somebody seeking protection. There is only one hindrance in realizing this dream: triangle land in Sri Lanka is seen as genuinely evil - not many people would buy it and later you could not sell it...

Starting on the main landing area at Space 4 Art, click the tp to Asmita's spots (triangle) and choose then asmiSIMart. Use the boats for a tour - it is fun either to go with a normal boat over water or with a sub(marine) underwater=> surprise gallery. Enjoy all the corners and views. Opening: 21st of July 2013 1pm SLT.

(Sim basic textures by Lilia Artis; they are changed every 3 months by one member of our artist community, ChapTer Kronfeld, Moe Sandalwood, Lilia Artis or me, Asmita Duranjaya.)

Asmita, July 2013


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