SimArt - Space 4 Art: The Seven Mortal Sins from Dante's Divina Commedia by ChapTer Kronfeld

This new installation of Dante's Purgatory is an absolute must-have-seen. ChapTer has arranged it in a extremely detailed and sophisticated way. You can expect the following stations:
The contemporary interpretation of the Seven Mortal Sins, from Dante's '' Divina Commedia'' has been created by Chapter Kronfeld [artist name in the metaverse] referring to our current global problems.
What is the way to understand this installation?
Climb the mountain of purification, do not get bogged down in details.
Be willing  unconditionally to finish this hike with the result to gain access to your own perception.
Not the goal of this journey is desirable.
The movement on your path towards the goal will bring you true enlightenment.
 A small list aims to help you, to transfer the imaginations of the Middle Ages
concerning the seven deadly sins to the contemporary world, as it is shown in Chapter's small incomplete interpretation.
Our dog-eat-dog society has reinterpreted all the negative human characteristics as desirable. These are, beastlyness, selfishness, craving for recognition, PRISM etc.
2 - ENVY
Look at managers, banks, stock market, cartels, drugs ...
Keywords are e.g.  wars, murder, intolerance towards different-minded people, ...
{This exhibition from Chapter, here in Metaversum, too ... }
Our entire media age with all digitized assistance, ...
Greed, ''greed-is-cool'', environment pollution and nuclear power industries ...
Cloning technology, reproductive medicine, animal breeding, food elimination in the first world, catastrophic famines in the third world ...
7 - LUST
Female genital mutilation (FGM), pedophilia in the churches, tormenting children to death ...

Opening: Sunday, 21st od July at 1:30pm SLT,
After being purified walk up to 1000m on ChapTer's Stairway to Heaven!


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