KueperPunk Korhonen in the new MBK Library

KueperPunk, the initiator of the Festival of Love (in cooperation with Zauselina Rieko), a yearly culture festival in Second Life and the open grid Metropolis, is a German science fiction author and going to start a series of monthly science fiction readings in the new MBK Library, directly opposite to the MBK Art Gallery. Dew to the bi-lingual character of the MBK-sim, the readings will alternate: one month in German, the next month in English language. The first two readings have been organised by Asmita Duranjaya, the curator of the MBK Art Gallery, but from 2014, KueperPUnk himself will start to organise the monthly readings, which hopefully will become an attracting part of the MBK cultural life. MBK means Meisterbastler-Kreis and has been founded and created by Zewe Major. It consists of a wonderful, detailed alpine landscape of 7 assembled sims.
The event will start on 30th of Nov 2013 at 12 am SLT.
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Meisterbastler/51/168/33 .


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