A Dystopia: Lilia Artis' and Moe Sandalwood's LEA Installation "The Machine"

"The Machine" is the title of Lilia Artis' and Moe Sandalwood's LEA full sim installation in November 2013. It shows four levels of development of a human society on the way to a kind of perfection, guaranteed by "The Machine". But this target is obsolete, because the "perfected" population has lost its memory of the past and exists in a status of forgetfulness without history. The question is, whether it is desirable to put the priority of technological perfection on top of the development of a society.

The four levels are highly artistically elaborated with stunning textures, not overacting animations and extremely sensitively used colours. Although the content is drastically dystopic, the artistic interpretation is pure enjoyment and carefully arranged, highly expressive art in the best sense.
It reminds in a certain way on German science fiction author Michael Iwoleit's awarded dystopic novel "Zur Feier meines Todes"(Celebrating my Death).
Not an easy to consume art event, but worthwhile and higly recommended! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/194/62/278 .


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