New Art Contest "Virtual Minimalism" announced and curated by Asmita Duranjaya

As an introduction of the new Space 4 Art sim and the related galleries the curator Asmita Duranjaya announces an art contest with the title "Virtual Minimalism". Minimalism has been a specific art style in the 60ies and 70ies of the 20th century and the main features should also be considered in its virtual form, e.g. the reduction of all unimportant and the concentration on a minimum in shape, color and material or texture and surface.

The participants are free to choose a topic themselves, but also their virtual processing should refer to these features of reduction and simplifying. The maximum should be 10 prims and the artist is free to decide, whether to work in 2D or 3D. The maximum size should be 5x5x5. The work needs an expressive title and has to be sent to Asmita Duranjaya with copy/no trans plus an actual artist bio.

The pieces will be shown on the rooftop of the gallery building and as usual in my contests, there will be a public and a jury voting according to the criteria in a predefined art grader.
Price money up to now is
3000LL for the 1st,
2000LL for the 2nd and
1000LL for the 3rd winner
of the contest.
Every participant will also get a tiny compensation for his/her expenses.
Deadline is the 30th of April midnight MEZ (MiddleEuropeanTime).
The announcement of the winners will be on 20th of May 2012 at 1pm on the rooftop.


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