Asmita at PiRats again

Asmita's PiRats show in February 2012 shows a huge old tree on a huge ancient book. In the tree basis there are teleport-doors (left-click twice!), which lead to the treetop. Four art orbs in the treetop with the topics fashion, abstract, color and shape wait for the visitor to be discovered with the eyes and the ears and interactively as well (click, click). The 5th room is a solution room, looking like a gamble casino. Solution of what? Asmita has a fondness for riddles or puzzles as the UWA sky exhibition has shown. That does not mean, that she wants to be educative or to give lectures, no, it means only a favorisation of a didactical tool. Puzzles can be fun, even if some art lovers feel disturbed in their perception of their expected artistic 'purity'. But stereotypes and prejudices have never been the basis of the arts. Why not to combine elements of entertaining perception, the art view and the gaming and puzzle perspective? Some people like to have a brainy guidance through art exhibitions instead of sneaking through the inextricable chaos of the artistic inner personality more or less expressed in a mysterious private language of color and/or shape. All direct and indirect art enthusiasts in Second Life should not forget, that they are at last in a game as well, a serious and highly technologized game, but they all have learned, how to navigate through a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game) world. So what? Why not to get some puzzle food beside perceiving an art show? Another problem, that has to be sorted out, are the basic skills, which everybody needs in navigating through SL. Clicking is one of the elementary abilities of computer games since the times of Atari. So it is really a puzzle, why some of those art aficionados are not able to open a simple teleport door with clicking twice and blame then the artist, who uses this tool in his artwork. If I cannot see mesh buildings, because my viewer is not able to process them, I cannot blame the creator of those builds. It is my decision to install a mesh viewer and so it is the 'challenge' for people interested in discovering an art installation to care for the basic capability to enjoy that. All the art lovers, who are capable of using teleport doors and who find fun in solving puzzles are cordially invited to Asmita's new show "Librarium Arboris". As a reward the finders of the correct solution will get a really nice gift with the same combination of art and puzzle. As a highlight of the opening Asmita and her VIP (Virtual Instrument Players) partner reinhold Apfelbaum will perform a neon-drum-dance. Have fun and click well!


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