Notes on the MiniArtContest URBAN

The opening of the MiniArtContest URBAN on 24th of July at 1pm lasted around three hours and more than 70 avis took the chance to participate in the relaxed atmosphere of the newly founded sky gallery. The ten excellent art pieces of Juanita Deharo, Theda Tammas, Aloisio Congrejo, Fafner Hofmann, Milly Sharple, Fuschia Nightfire, ChapTer Kronfeld, fiona Blaylock, Sisi Biedermann and Harter Fall attracted the visitors and they voted ambitiously. A good collection of Nu-Jazz titles animated the guests to dance under glowing particle lights. For all interested friends is a book available now, which can be bought in the gallery and can be viewed online at this address here.


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