New MiniArtContest "URBAN"

After changing the land in SL Asmita Duranjaya's activity as a curator starts with a MiniContest on the topic "URBAN". Deadline is the 22nd of July and the application for participation starts now. 10 artists can show an artwork created according to this specific topic in the new contest gallery at the Island on the Edge; the first 10 to signalize, that they want to participate, will get the chance, if they fulfill the conditions given below. After displaying the work (2 weeks time to prepare) there is a jury voting and a public voting (3:1). The work has to be new to SL and can be a mixed media production, a sculpture or an animated or unanimated artwork, but no photography. It is limited to 10 prims and might not be bigger than 3x3x3m. So it is a kind of mini-artwork.
The prize will be 2000L for the 1st, and 500L for the 2nd and the 3rd winner. All participants will get a shopping voucher and a book presenting the contest. The artwork can be sold during the 2 months period of presenting and the commission will be 25% too (split script).
Visit the exhibition place at

Enjoy all the other new areas at Asmita's Island on the Edge starting from the new central TP board at

This was the message yesterday in a lot of art groups; after 1 hour the quantity of 10 participants had been reached and now we can look forward to the contributions of Juanita Deharo, theda Tammas, Aloisio Congrejo, Fafner Hofmann, Milly Sharple, Fuschia Nightfire, ChapTer Kronfeld, fiona Blaylock, Sisi Biedermann and Harter Fall. An appealing competition!


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