Four Times Art - Kinetics, Sculptures, Nude Paintings and Literature

Next Sunday , the 30th of January at 1pm SLT starts a small art festival on the Meisterbastler sim.
Visitors can choose between an exhibition in the gallery by Gleman Jun with the title "Randomness as a Form of Art", Corcosman Vooms sculptures, which are placed along the river flowing through the main village and the small gallery of Asmita Duranjaya with her recently finished expressive digital nude paintings.

This gallery is in the BookCorner, where the journalist Miriam Evanier has arranged a reading of poetry at 1:30pm SLT. "The Daemon Lover" is the title of a 30 minutes short story by Shirley Jackson. It is read by the voice of the author.

The art walk along the river is a new attraction on the awsome Meisterbastler sim created by the head of Meisterbastler Zewe Major. The visitors can enjoy the nice landscape, the atmosphere of the small city, the shopping arcades and pass from time to time one of Corcosman's funny or serious sculptures.

At last they can visit the gallery some steps away and enjoy the interactivity of Gleman's admirable kinetic art objects, which are permanently changing, either through the hand of the visitor or through an inbuilt script.
The Meisterbastler sim construction consists of 6 sims and all are accessible on a horse, in a bus, or by walk and tp.
You will feel like in the Bavarian Alps in Germany. See you there!


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