A Bang at the Beginning of the Year 2011

Since some time no new blog has been published here. The reason is, that a lot of artists have been very busy with a huge art event of an international dimension, participating in the recent Art Maze project in Second Life with 31 artists and sections on 4 adult sims. Asmita Duranjaya has got the chance to create section 32 and inspired by her trip to Turkey, she has built an installation with the title "Between Orient and Occident", using textures based on photos during that journey.
The task has been to build an installation between given tube entrances and exits, which marked the specific section. At last it should be possible to walk through all sections without getting lost. The opening for this great event, hosted by Ginette Pinazzo and her crew, is on the 21st of January and it will be open until the 30th. The visitors get free art maze t-shirts, a coffee cup and in every sections different freebies and they can enjoy on a walk the artistic variety and richness of art, represented by more or less famous artists in Second Life, like Juanita Deharo, Fuschia Nightfire, RAG Randt, Binary Quandry, oona Eiren, Silene Christen, Migina Mikos, Penelope Parx, Davideo Zelnik, BukTom Bloch, Ub Yifu, Martazul Zemlja, Tani Thor, Aloisio Congrejo, Corcosman Voom, Sabra Hemingway, Bawnie Bachman, Neeks Karu, Temperance Hax, Brie Pinazzo, Dekka Raymaker, Weard Welty, Bady Boozehound Laurence Mapp, Second Renoir, Huntress Cattaneo, Tour Spoonhammer, Shjak Monde, Resje Bailey, emilio Charisma and Nicci Winsmore.

Pre-opening party of the three "neighbours" Juanita Deharo, oona Eiren and Asmita Duranjaya

The virtual book on the left shows some impressions on a walk through the maze.


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