Re-Opening of Space 4 Art

Opening Space 4 Art Sim
December 9, 2012
10am to 4pm SLT

Dear Friends of Space 4 Art,
on 9th of December this year we will re-open our art sim Space 4 Art. 
Lilia Artis, ChapTer Kronfeld, Moeuhane Sandalwood and Asmita Duranjaya share a sim and the intention to make it a permanently attractive place for the presentation of RL and SL art. 
Besides our own artwork we host galleries and exhibition areas for artist friends in residence and guest artists. 

The actual artists in residence are:
Moewe Winkler, kjs Yip and BukTom Bloch 
Sisi Biedermann, Andy Burroughs, John Bleriot and Graine McBaine 
Masako/Soraya Till, Xirana Oximoxi, Kayly Iali, Mathilde Vhargon and Moeuhane Sandalwood 
Cecilia Delacroix, Celestine Ghiardie, Louly Loon, Haveit Neox, Lilia Artis 

The program of the opening day:

★ Opening of the exhibition: "Chihuly's Gardens of Glass. A Photographic Tribute" by Cecilia Delacroix
- 10 am SLT  

★ Opening of the art contest exhibition "Ambience" and start of voting, with Music by DJ Moe
- 10:45 am SLT

=>>> Start of the sim excursion, Ground Level: 

★ Asmita's "Voynich Plaza"
- 11:30am SLT

★ Lilia Artis and Moeuhane  Sandalwood with special guest artists Haveit Neox and Harter Fall
- 11:50am SLT

- 12:30pm SLT

=>>> Sim excursion, Sky Levels:

- 12:50pm SLT

★ Artwood Gallery District
- 1:10pm SLT: Visit of Driftwood Gallery 

 ★ Asmita's Art Studio Hydro
- 1:50pm SLT

★ Visit of the Sky 4 Art Gallery
- 2:10pm SLT

★ 3:00pm SLT: Final dance party and fireworks.

Visitors, who still have enough energy can visit the Moeseum with a huge art collection of SL artists and other artwork in the Artwood Gallery District.


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