Space 4 Art

is important. No doubts. I had just finished a new poster with an overview picture of the Space 4 Art sim. Then the message came on last Tuesday, that there are 24 hours left only, to pack all the things and leave the place. In the first moment it feels like paralysed, state of shock. Then a kind of manic actions starts, sending ims, ncs and emails. Final result: no chance, you have to leave. The landlord has disappeared. No chance to contact him. There has not been any prewarning. But there are more people, artists in Second Life, who have lost their place in a similar way; that's small comfort. Hectic action, saving the roos, returning the rental fee to the artists in residence, informing them and returning the objects of the ones, who are not present at the moment. Night shift for a strategic withdrawal. The inventory creeks and bursts. Panic land search. We are three people: will this split up our community? First we need a small spot for the most important things. Everybody of us had recent projects running and for everybody the sim loss came at the worst imaginable time. Meeting two days later: Space 4 Art should not die, we try to survive the month of October, try to recover from our loss of money (prepaid tiers) and look continuously for a new reliable sim (as far as possible). Deadline is end of October. Space 4 Art will be reborn in its usual shape and with all the energy and service like before. Great. In the meantime I offer free space on my temporary land at Bubblegum for 12 artists. I hope everybody will understand, that not all Space 4 Art artists will find a temporary spot there. But please keep us in mind and stay with us on our new sim in November. Thank you for all the solidarity and empathy - it is the best, what can happen in such a situation. Yes, Space 4 Art is important. Asmita


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