The Gathering of Sky-Women

Katz Jupiter is the owner and art director of a sim called Slightly Twisted. From time to time she chooses certain topics and asks artists to create contributions to those topics; these contributions are then arranged in a holistic concept and the whole sim becomes a showcase. This time the topic is described by the creator as follows: 'This show is an immersive sim wide show featuring the monumental work by artists Asmita, Louly, Lilia, Fuschia, Trill and myself Katz.  I approached each of these artists to create a piece focused on a selected goddesses from different cultures around the world.  The common denominator of all of the ones featured is they were all responsible for creating the world or aspects of the world in which we live in (elements, animals).  
The inspiration for this show is derived from the work of Judy Chicago' and her iconic installation 'The Dinner Party' in which she selected women to honor for their contribution to history; women whose contribution have sometimes been ignored.  See: .
For this exhibition and the bringing together of these goddesses is a rememberance of sorts of women who at one time figured largely in the creation stories of their respective cultures but with the passage of time their role and their stories have been largely  ignored or re-written to their exclusion.
This show not only honors these women and their stories but also asks viewers to consider 'what would their reaction be to the current state of the world' relative to the ecological inbalance that is apparent.  What would they talk about?  Would they have solutions?  
Each of the works were commissioned seperately and the works completed without knowledge of what the others were creating, however all of the completed works compliment each others.  These are stunning works.'
To get some impressions, please view the slide-show at the left, but the better idea is to visit the sim and to explore its spots: .


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