New Sim Dedicated to the Arts planned by Asmita Duranjaya

Pic1: Asmita's tropical ambience.

It was Asmita Duranjaya, who had the idea to rent a complete sim dedicated to the arts only. Her longterm experience as a curator in several galleries in SL and her own experiences as an artist in SL, showing her art on numerous art sims and winning several SL  awards for installations and single pieces (UWA, Kelly Yap, ArtFest for FloodRelief, ArtMaze/Zindra, Pirats etc.) qualifies her to curate the newly built Space 4 Art Gallery. The 20 of the 24 spots were rented in one week and it shows the need for this type of small galleries for artists in Second Life. ChapTer Kronfeld on search for art space himself at that time, joined the idea to share a sim and as a third person the landscape artist Migina Miklos joined at last and all three artists together realised it to rent one sim and to share it on the basis of equality and respect. 

Migina's mountain landscape.
The piece of land, where the big gallery stands now, is financed by renting out those small spots and if there would be any profit from the tips etc, it would go into art events like competitions, festivals etc. This concept seems to be more convincing than the general LEA idea of giving sims to single artists or groups to share them for a limited time only. As could be noticed until now, the idea to patch sims together without any concept of intersection leads to eyesores and is not at all artistic in itself. The concept of the new art sim could guide to a longer partnership of artists, who work not only on their artwork, but also on an adequate ambience to present it. Another question is the financing. This might be discussed another time ...


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