Merlina Rokocoko - HOPE in the MBK Gallery

There is no need to introduce Merlina Rokocoko, the always friendly and restless working PiRats Curator. And that she is also a great abstract artist, has been shown in the past in several galleries in Second Life. For her exhibition in the MBK Gallery she has chosen the topic HOPE, compatible with her and PiRats general situation and her wish to continue the great service for a huge number of artists. That PiRats will be closed has been avoided for the moment, but all have still to work on the permanency of this status. So it is clear, that the profit taken of this show will go to the survival effort of the PiRats network too. The pictures, shown by Merlina express in strong colors the intensity of her emotional encouragement for her art, the idea of PiRats and for the world as a whole. Opening party: 1pm SLT on Sunday, 12th of February 2012.


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