VIP - VirtualInstrumentPlayers

Four avis, Miriam Evanier, reinhold Apfelbaum, Asmita Duranjaya and Yira Rossini have founded the performance group "Virtual Instrument Players" = VIP. They have prepared a private music stream for the guests playing Southamerican flute-music and use selfmade and bought musical instruments and animations. Because of the technical impossibility to synchronize both completely in SL they ask the listeners to tolerate some asynchronicity. Yira Rossini reads poems of LatinAmerican poets. The performance is at the same time the opening for the JungleGallery with Asmita Duranjaya's exhibition SIGNUM showing (new) virtually processed RL stamp-pictures and jewel-sets with inka-motifs. After the "official" performance part a LatinSalsa-party will start. So feel cordially invited on 13th of November at 2pm SLT on Asmita's Island on the Edge:
Important notice: All the donations during the event will go to the Afghanistan Museum in Second Life and the organisation RAWA, that cares for the education of Afghan women.


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