ZEXPO 2011

Asmita and Giridevi Duranjaya run their bookcorner in Second Life during the ZEXPO 2011 too. There will be four events in the next days:
a) A Demonstration Lecture on BookTypes in SL (31st of Aug 1pm SLT);
b) a Demonstration Lecture on ArtistBooks in SL (1st od Sept 1pm SLT);
c) a bilingual reading with poems of the Indonesian RL poet D.R. Herliany (2nd of Sept 1pm SLT);
d) a reading with a short story of Giridevi Duranjaya "The PolarBear" (3rd of Sept 2pm SLT).
The readings will be hearable through a web link and readable in the chat and the lectures are read in chat too.
ZEXPO is a huge exhibition on an adult sim and show a lot of attractions from all over the grid.


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