eMotion - Kunstwettbewerb und Ausstellung

Artists Share Their (e)Motions in Art Contest—Winners Announced

On 31 October 2010, art curator Asmita Duranjaya opened the “eMotion” art contest in the new Kunsthalle Berlin Capital City (KBCC), with 24 artists exhibiting entries. Since then, the exhibition has had more than 300 visitors studying the artwork and voting for their favorites. Those votes have been counted and combined with scores given to each artwork by the contest panel of four judges, and Asmita announced winners on Sunday, 8 November 2010, at the KBCC.
Artist anja2de Allen won the first-prize gold trophy and 3,000 L$ award for her animated installation “Woody eMotion.” The virtual puppet Woody carries out a carefully timed sequence of movements, and those movements compose a small domestic ritual on the stage set of a bedroom. The engrossing loop is full of charm, humor, and surprising moments, and this entry won the public vote by a landslide.
Two artists, oona Eiren and Molina Rhode, received silver trophies and shared the second-place award of 2,000 L$. Molina Rhode’s “Two Hearts - One Soul” unifies two shapes with ruby-and-gold facets and movement in her distinctive style.
With her entry “eMotion Caravan,” sound- and image-designer oona Eiren invites the viewer to sit at the control panel of a stylized, sound-generating machine and to mix sound tracks from three different sources.
The third-place award of 1,000 L$ was shared by artists Alesia Barbosa and Penelope Parx, and each received a bronze trophy. Penelope Parx’s sculpture of an enormous hand of stone holds a twisting set of delicate green plants and is titled “Life Motion.”

Alesia Barbosa’s entry commemorates this “Autumn 2010” with the image of fallen leaves swirling out of (and back into) their source tree, over a background of most interesting colors.
Based on the overall excellence of entries received, judges awarded mini-grants of 100 L$ to every contestant. The short descriptions above begin to suggest the incredible variety of approaches and experiences this group of 24 artists gave to the “eMotion” theme. The participating artists share equally in the attention and success of the contest exhibition, and the voting activity always builds interest and excitement. The KBCC “eMotion” exhibit remains open to celebrate all 24 artworks through the end of this year, 2010.

All thanks to the artist, curator, and catalyst Asmita Duranjaya for coordinating this “eMotion” art contest, another success that has so many of us viewing and discussing the art of SL!

--Miriam Evanier


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