Asmita's StillLifes in Chilbo

"StillLife between 2D and 3D" was the topic of the 1st art contest I have organised in Second Life for the Meisterbastler Gallery, Meisterbastler Rentals, Meisterbastler-Kreis, MBK, Meisterbastler (40, 173, 34).
I got at that time 12 entries with very different ideas concerning the topic.
My idea behind the topic was, to create a 3D-installation with objects, sculpted or not, which are available in Second Life and to arrange a scenery in the style of the old masters of StillLife in the art history with their fruits, flowers and jars, or to use a modern environment and its usual objects. My second idea was to take an inworld photo of this 3D scenery and to return with it to a 2D picture. The general question for me was, whether it would be possible to use the Second Life features to create a new kind of 2D art, useable in RL as well.
During the contest another question came up: Whether movements in a 3D creation would undermine the typical characteristics of a StillLife. Some entries used slow rotation scripts which produced a smooth rainfall or permanently running tap water. This has been critizised by visitors, who were convinced, that the word "still" means something without any movement. Others argued in this discussion, that a permanent movement, like gently falling snowflakes don't change the impression of stillness.
My recent exhibition StillLifes in the Chilbo Museum is based on this background and framework. So every visitor can find out how to see the term in a virtual environment with new artistic possibilities.
Asmita Duranjaya


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