Still Lifes between 2D and 3D

Ein neuer Kunstwettbewerb ist in Second Life ausgeschrieben; mitmachen können alle Künstler, die sich auf folgende Bedingungen einlassen können:
Dear Artists,
The Meisterbastler Gallery ( hosted by Asmita Duranjaya invites you to participate in an art contest with the topic "Still Lifes between 2D and 3D".

Here are the conditions:
1. You should create a Still Life, but only with objects inside Second Life, e.g. freebie sculpties like fruits, vases, flowers etc. If you use a texture, e.g. for the background, the texture picture should also be taken in Second Life.
2. You can send us the 3D-installation or you can take a photo of the 3D-installation, process it in a graphic software and upload it again as a 2D texture. This texture you put on a prim and send us this work as a 2D-object.
3. The installation should not have more than 15 prims and minimal scripts.
4. The deadline is the 26th of June. Artwork sent after this date will not be accepted.
5. One object per artist is allowed, either 2D or 3D.
6. On the 27th there will be a voting board for public voting, which counts 50%; the other 50% will be a judges panel voting.
7. The winners will be announced on 4th of July. The 1st winner gets 4000 L$, the 2nd 2000 L$ and the 3rd 1000 L$.
8. All the Still Life entries will be presented in the Meisterbastler Gallery during July and August 2010 and can be sold there.
9. Opening party is on the 4th of July 1pm SLT.
10. Send your entries with no mod/no copy/trans to Asmita Duranjaya.
The Meisterbastler team wishes you a successful contest!
Asmita Duranjaya, Zewe Major and Miriam Evanier


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