CyberTalk at Space 4 Art

The link 
leads to a webpage with excerpts from the first panel-discussion about the term CyberArt with Honour McMillan (blogger), maikelkay (SF-writer), Sable/snakeappletree (artist), yvan Slade (curator), Fuschia Nightfire (artist), Harter Fall (artist) and Miriam Evanier (moderator):

The panel was part of the re-opening of the two art sims Space 4 Art and Port Lydius. Another art event was the vernissage of the exhibition "Crows, Trees and Landscapes" by the Sri Lankan artist Nelun Harasgama/ Ohe53 in SL. 
At the end the guests could enjoy a chill out cyber-dance party in the new lounge of Miriam Evanier. Every thursday a cyber-dance party will take place in the future with exclusive playlists by Miriam for the sophisticated dancer and for pretentious music enthousiasts.


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