NEW ARTsim has been founded

in connection with the longtime existing sim Space 4 Art (ChapTer Kronfeld, kjs Yip/Miara Lubitsch, Louly Loon and Asmita Duranjaya). The concept of Space 4 Art consists of 3 elements:
- using the sim basis for bigger conceptual art installations:
- using level 1000 as gallery area for the landlord-artists and for artists in residence;
- building workshops and private areas above level 2000.
The concept is now shared by a powerful international artist-team, who is also interested in sharing the capacity of 2 sims for events and performances. In the long term all expect a synergy-effect of a strong art-community.
To the recent art-community belong 
- Sisi Biedermann (Denmark), who has shifted her Gualdo-Art-Center to the new sim;
- Carabella Babii (UK);
- Lusus Saule (Spain);
- kayly Iali (USA);
- ChapTer Kronfeld (Germany);
- Asmita Duranjaya building 8 cyber-art-studios on level 1000, who can be rented by artists in residence, whose work refers to the term "cyber". 
The 1st event in order to sponsor the arts, artists and the opening-celebration for the new and old sim is an art auction, organized by Asmita Duranjaya and starting on 15th of August at 1pm SLT. Each of the 25 artists, who reside on the 2 sims in the moment have contributed one exclusive piece of art, which has never been shown before in Second Life and which can be purchased by auction until 15th of September. The 3 best placed artists with the highest biddings will be awarded by sharing 30% of the profit in the whole auction. The auction place is the TopGallery at Space 4 Art.The final opening event with performances, exhibitions, lectures and readings will be in September, after finishing the main building activities.


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