Sri Lankan Artist at Space 4 Art

Sunday, the 12th of May will become a very special day, because we can present at Space 4 Art one of the finest real life artists from Sri Lanka: Nelun Harasgama, in SL Ohe53. Asmita could stay at her home for some days and has shown her the options, which SL offers for arists. Nelun has been fascinated and a new avi was made for her. The whole family joined in this project giving advice how the avatar has to look like. Asmita made a gallery using textures of Nelun's home, so that the atmosphere is a bit like in Nelun's designer place and presented are beautiful oil-paintings in the typical minimalist and contemplative style of Nelun. Some refer directly to Buddhism with its focus on suffering and samsara. Others praise the beauty of nature or refer to the situation of refugees. Unique in Nelun's work is the style of painting human figures in an innocent, but nevertheless proud and elegant way, shown in her "spirit" - paintings. For art collectors and afficionados this vernissage will be a delicacy. To accentuate the especialness of this event, we have organized a live concert with Fingersatz Barbosa, playing early music on his guitar for half an hour. It starts on 11:30 am SLT, what means midnight in Sri Lanka and 8:30 pm in Europe. So feel cordially invited to join us for this extraordinary event.


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