in fear of WAR by Asmita

It could become a challenge for the visitors, who dare to visit Asmita's WAR-Statement at the Torno-Kohime-Foundation, hosted by Tani Thor and Aloisio Congrejo. Not a challenge maybe for the generation of coumputer-gamers, who is used to warcraft, splattering blood and the sound of shouting and dying people, but for the guests of art exhibitions, who look for a protected, harmonizing atmosphere full of a certain type of beauty, related to color and form. Stepping through the blood-lake in this audio-visual installation can be shocking and perturbating and should be done as an experiment for the resilience of  the psyche. Better to leave, before getting absorbed by the visual and sonic destructiveness!
Opening: Monday, 14th of January 1:30 pm SLT .
Asmita's Statement

The installation is based on a bi-lingual book of the contemporary Afghan author Ahmad Zia Hadi, whose poetry has been illustrated by Asmita in RL and which includes an anti-war-poem. This poem can be heard during the visit inside the installation in boith languages, Dari and German; if avisitor approaches the center, consisiting of a blood-fountain, the English translation will show up. The poetry-book is available in SL and RL: and


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